Capcom: Dante Needed to be 'Completely Different'

The Tokyo Game Show reveal of Capcom's new Devil May Cry brought mixed reactions from fans, mainly due to the design change to the series' main character Dante. Developers also changed hands, with Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer Ninja Theory taking on the project.

Speaking to IGN in an upcoming interview, Capcom VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development Christian Svensson says Dante needed a new look for this new game.

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WildArmed2856d ago

Oh, bcause the series is going downhill really fast?
and they didn't want the original Dante to be the face of it's demise?
Makes sense.

Bass_fisherman2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Capcom is really going downhill...i think SEGA is now having better games than Capcom

Ryo-Hazuki2856d ago

Capcom is on the downhill and Sega is on the uphill...btw Vanquish is sick. Love it

tacosRcool2856d ago

Capcom is going the way of Square Enix- to making good games crappy

RockmanII72856d ago

I think they are gonna keep this so after DmC flops, they can make DMC5 with normal Dante and people will be hyped for it. If they use normal dante here and it does bad then that will hurt Dante as an icon.

ChozenWoan2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

They went from a hot franchise with Heavenly Sword to this... I think it's time they got a reboot... or at least a boot. >;)

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BldyShdw2856d ago

They'll do what they did with Prince of Persia...Brand new Prince (has his game) yet the "old" Prince is still around for his games...

*sigh* who knows...

WildArmed2856d ago

hmm.. interesting thought.
But unlike the Prince of Persia franchise(s), both DMC (old and new) are based on the same plot line (as confirmed by NT) with a few tweaks here and there.

PoP went the right direction by creating alternate worlds i.e. one was the Sands of Time world, while other was.. magic/Deku Tree of life thing world.

But DMC seems to have the same world, so it's more like abandoning of the original Dante over an alternate world (which I wouldn't outright against)

The Great Melon2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Most people just hate the look of the new Dante. I honestly think he looks like anemic junkie who broke out of rehab. This new Dante that Ninja Theory has made has a lot to prove given that I already hate the looks of him.

Fan Tastic2856d ago

I have little expections from the Developers of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. So is Dante going to have great facial animations and voice acting but then really sluggish gameplay?? Who the F wants that kind of trade off????

Poor choice by Capcom to put the IP in their hands and then on top of it using the character design to look like the Producer.

yoshiroaka2856d ago

Ive hear the producer look alike comment a couple of times but never seen it or the info on it.

Does anyone have a link to the comparison or an article where they said the degisn was make to look like the producer?

CimmerianDrake2856d ago

You don't need an article to do the comparison.

Just look up Tameem Antoniades and look at Emo Dante and the comparison will slap you in the face.

But, if you're lazy, here are some pics for you.

ChozenWoan2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

or does Tameem resemble Kai from the scifi show LEXX.

yoshiroaka2855d ago


Yea they do look like one of those seperated at birth things.

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nickjkl2856d ago

MY question is why didn they make a new character then

why did they take an existing character and make him completely different

also this is not capcom speaking this is Christian Svensson speaking not capcom

King-Leonidas2856d ago

i dont give 2 s**ts about this game anymore.

unknownhero11232856d ago

that may be but the devil may cry fans are going nuts. did you know that captain picard is a fan of DMC? well, here was his reaction to the reboot:

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pedrami912856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Raging DMC fanboys cue in 3....2....1.....

SexyPrawns2856d ago

I'm right here.

I'm not happy about it, but I love Ninja Theory. Hopefully, they make a good iteration.

metalhead2856d ago

I don't think they can with a Dante that now looks like the singer from MCR

darkdoom30002856d ago

Mother****ing capcom. Bastards need to die.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. If this game fails, then old dante will return from the ashes.

The_Devil_Hunter2856d ago

Most likely it will fail. So let's just hope the real Dante returns in the next installment.

jc485732856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

it's still too early to tell, so it's very pointless to whine about his looks or his "weapon." I hated Heavenly Sword, but I liked Enslaved very much. Yea, 50% chance this game may flop, but let's wait and see.

The person who disagree can eat sh*t as far as I care.

Der_Kommandant2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Im eating so much shit so far away right now...

jc485732856d ago

sounds delicious ain't it? I wanna join too.

Der_Kommandant2856d ago

Of course... there´s shit for everyone!

unknownhero11232856d ago

there is so much sh!t that the great mighty poo is coming to join us to sing about poo and threating to shoving us up his butt!

a cookie for those who get that.

Godmars2902856d ago

And he just had to look like the lead designer of this new game...

Gue12856d ago

Suspiciously suspicious. But one thing is for sure, I don't like this new design! I don't like his nose, hair nor his injuries on the face that looks like make-up. On top of that he looks like an emo vampire on a mix of crack and heroine addiction.

I think that if they at least changed his hair this new Dante wouldn't look like a douchebag.

mrv3212856d ago

Make him female, do't explain it... and no not one of the 'Look at me females' the more 'I kill people, get over the fact I'm a female'. Seriously he just looks like an emo.

WildArmed2856d ago

My question is:
If they wanted to take an action game into another direction.. why even make it in the DMC franchise?
If they don't want to keep their fans happy, why even work on a franchise that's already been established?

Just stick to working on Enslaved.. because we all know how well that went.

Honesty, I dont mind a few gameplay tweaks and such.. but changing the character look honestly has nothing to do w/ 'improving' the game.

It's like taking Mario and removing his mustache and giving him a tux to wear.
Then releasing it apart of the Mario franchise..
What, you are not expecting a backlash?

I don't think people understand the concept of franchises. You don't go changing the characters (unless it's a jump from gen, then you do have some leeway for tweaks.. eg. jump from Ps1 game to a Ps3 game etc).. esp. the main protagonist.

It just seems like Ninja Theory is enjoying the publicity.

VampHuntD2856d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. This is one of my major issues with the game at this point. While I don't like the new design, I'll let it go if they keep the gameplay about the same as what DMC is. And I don't think Ninja Theory is going to do that.

In other words, RIP Dante, It's been fun.