Parenting gone horribly, horribly wrong: Polish Edition


This is an ad for the campaign against video games overuse by children. It is sponsored by Polish foundation KidProtect and the Polish Rights of the Child Advocate.

And yes, they have Spartans ...

The translation goes as follows:

"- Where is our money?!
- But for what?!
- For your son!
- What have you done to him?!
- We were taking care of him, instead of you!
- Twelve months, day by the day, right from the TV screen
- I have taught him how to shoot with the hyperblaser! [ ;P ]
- Where were you then?
[ after a blackout ]
- Raise your children, before aliens will do that"

This is a new bottom ;) Enjoy before your brain will melt.

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rroded2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

funny tho trying to scare parents with the same tactics they object too.
ie violence and apparently fiction in video games being the guiding factor for your child if you let them play games? leading them to turn against you... Now that they've seen the ad it cant b unseen remember the children who see this are highly subjectable ta copycat behaviour. I blame any parent killings on this ad... tv should b abolished save the children.

tacosRcool2856d ago

That commercial is awesome! Maybe they should make commercials like these here in America