Fallout New Vegas Glitches, infinite XP and bottlecaps.

Check out some of the glitches that have been appearing within Fallout New Vegas.
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danmachine2893d ago

This is why they should of released a beta, before releasing the game. Like most developers do now a days to iron out all the bugs, its alright for those connected to the internet as it can be fixed with updates. For those that are not it must suck.

davidmccue2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

What the hell are you on about.

Christopher2892d ago

They don't need a bet to know that there are memory issues that cause freezing and stuttering.

As far as beta tests, games like this don't go through them. And even if they had released a demo, it wouldn't have been enough to catch all the bugs let alone at a time when they would be working to fix the bugs as the demo would likely be a much older version from what they would currently be working on anyway.

They knew about the memory issues prior to release and likely have been working on a fix to them since the game went gold. It's not something that's going to be fixed by code developed in less than a week.

Philoctetes2893d ago

Stuff like this doesn't bother me that much. What I'd like to see fixed are the hitches, the random framerate drops, and the freezes.

visualb2892d ago

at least for PC the patch fixed most of the game breaking stuff =)

Dave13512892d ago

lol who cares? if i want xp and bottle caps ill just enter i code cause i play on PC :D

GodsHand2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

You are a GOD!

Please Enlighten the rest of us mortals.

Garrus_Vakarian2892d ago

Infinite XP/money glitches are always fun.

The XP and money glitches on Fable 2 made my first play-through(on my FREE DL'd copy - thx MS :D) a breeze!

visualb2892d ago

since it must have eliminated the concept of "challenge" =P

MidnytRain2892d ago

You kind of people are sick. You don't play for fun, you play for self-gratification. You know, the campers, glitchers, hackers, etc. If there was a "Win" button bundled with every game I'd bet you'd use it

Vip3r2892d ago

Has New Vegas got a level cap of 20 like in F3?

GodsHand2892d ago

30, and you only get a perk every two levels.

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