The Likely Winners And Losers In The Over-The-Top TV Market

Jim Louderback: Xbox 360: It’s a great gaming platform, but the lack of content depth makes this an unfortunate loser in the over-the-top space. Because Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) exerts such draconian control over which shows and services can play on the platform (where’s YouTube? Where’s the Zune Podcast library?), it’s never going to be as successful as it might be. And Microsoft’s trademark hubris is on display whenever you talk with the Xbox team – surprising, given how the company is losing on so many fronts to Google, Facebook and (dare I say it), Playstation.

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rekonizakilla2897d ago

Will google tv come to ps3, and maybe even.......psp2?
That's what i wanna know

ComboBreaker2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Or at least the Android Platform.

If Sony and Google port over the Android Platform to the PS3, PS3 users can just use the existing Android apps, apps like Pandora, Skype, Google Map, Dolphin Browser, Twitter, MSN Messenger, Facebook, MKV player, etc...

Smootherkuzz2896d ago

Don't need another TV,I have tv on the 2 pc's,52" in the movie and gaming space,3x tv in the bedrooms and TV on the Xbox(PS3).Have become to expensive so now if ain't free from here on out, I don't want it and can do with out it.

fooltheman2896d ago

in the long run quality will sell...