PS3: U.S. Release Date Revision (08.27.07)

An update on whats coming out this year and so on.

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Premonition4012d ago

Sorry I couldnt link it directly since it kept saying its been posted but this is an updated list, also if anyone knows around this please tell me.

XxZxX4012d ago

why go to the board if the board go straight to

doshey4012d ago

thanks for that site, i cant go to the playstation boards cause i got banned for flaming like 2 or 10 people

bee24274011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

november is gunna be sicckk... COD 4, kane and lynch, unreal tournament, assassins creed, haze, time crisis, and my favorite... uncharted drakes fortune

november might be the best gaming month on any consol ever

Jdash244011d ago

man novembers gonna make me go broke, so many good games, so little time..........i mean cod4 and blacksite area 51 on the same day, then ut3 on the 12th and 1 day later they got like 5 other good games, Army of two, Assassins Creed, Hells highway, kane and lynch, MoH: Airborne, Half life: orange box then haze on the 19th and rock band and uncharted on the little time, so much money and games

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