Games PS3 Owners Wish They Had: Alan Wake‎

PSXExtreme: When people around here learned I was playing Alan Wake, they wondered if I might do a review of some kind. Well, that doesn't jive with the PSXE format, of course, but I often spoke highly of the artistic, well-written Xbox 360 exclusive in my editorials and Week in Reviews. We do believe the PS3 exclusive lineup has the edge in terms of measuring-stick games but there are a few exclusives on other platforms PS3 fans wish they had. And now that we learn Remedy might be working on Alan Wake 2, we're going to say this is the one potential series you'll really miss if you don't own a 360.

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Shanks2678d ago

Well I guess i'm an exception, I have a PS3 and I could care less about this game.

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hay2678d ago

I'm a PS3 owner and I have this game.

Double Toasted2677d ago

Fine example of a true gamer.

dericb112678d ago

Its a game that is really forgotten about. Who is playing it? Not 360 owners :(

ComboBreaker2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

With the orginal open-world aspect.

The 360 version have been dumbed down from the original version by so much. It could have been something great.

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Nineball21122678d ago

I'd certainly play it, if it was available on PS3. I've always thought it looked like a good game.

RememberThe3572678d ago

It really could have been better, but I loved playing through the game. I really want to see a squeal so that I can see how they've improved on their formula.

Fishy Fingers2678d ago

Cant speak for PS3 owners, or anyone else for that matter, but I know I damn well want that PC version they've got sat on their hard drive.

toaster2678d ago

Yeah, maybe then it'll run at 1980p and 60 FPS. I was really looking forward to it on PC and then they canned it.. sucks now though since they probably won't release it on PC after the sales it got on 360. Shame really..

Karooo2678d ago

but not a must have tbh unless you have a 360.

Now Gears of war 3 hell yeah

NYC_Gamer2678d ago

the gameplay just doesnt catch my attention

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The story is too old to be commented.