Bizarre Creations Reveals More on Blood Stone 007

"007 Blood Stone, cricket aspirations and the tricky balance of stealth versus run-and-gun."

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athmaus2705d ago

Thanks for the update :)

xYLeinen2705d ago

I loved the bond games starting with golden eye on the nintendo and followed the series a couple of games after.

But now I have completely lost the interest of the series. The games feels like something the need to do, not something they want to make. I'm not impressed with where they are going with these games.

Blaze9292705d ago

I wish Bizarre Creations would reveal some DLC and updates about a certain game they shipped out and never went back to: Blur

bunch of jokes

BrutallyBlunt2705d ago

Looks like a lot of fun. We know the driving sequences will be done well since that is where the team excels at. I'm crossing my fingers the up close fighting is better than the Bourne game.