X360A: EA Sports MMA Review

When you think about it, fighting is primarily about who has the most stamina. That's why Rocky could beat even the most formidable opponents, including Ivan Drago. Anyone who says that Rocky isn’t real... well, fiddlesticks to you sir! Then again, MMA isn't about just one fighting discipline like boxing though, as your coach Bas Rutten first notes upon taking your character into EA Sports MMA's Career Mode. A boxer, practitioner of Judo or whatever, focuses on just one martial art, whereas an MMA fighter, has to be able to master several.

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PITTBULL832891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

EA never should have told Dana White that MMA is not a sport, i hope this game bombs big time, if it does do bad i'll laugh my azz off, while I kick some azz in UFC UNDISPUTED 2010.