iPhone Review: Cannon Cadets (

It is nearly impossible to talk to a casual iOS device owner and/or casual gamer without eventually discussing the addictive masterpiece that is Angry Birds. The combination of compelling puzzles and solid physics-grounded mechanics not only has made it an overwhelming success, but also ripe for repetition from the competition. One such developer is XMG Studios and their new game Cannon Cadets. Braving the shrill cries of those that would discount it on sheer virtue of similar game mechanics, XMG hasalso recently released an update which adds in a new map editor. Will this addition be enough to catapult these Cadets to success, or is this just another case of shameless gameplay scalping?

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bgrundman2773d ago

This game was alot of fun to play with.

roblef2773d ago

Just another Angry Birds ripoff, yeah?

starven2772d ago

Looks mildly entertaining.