StrengthGamer: Dead Space 2 Beta Impressions

“Cut off their limbs.” Words to live by, at least if you’re an engineer named Isaac. The message hurriedly scrawled in blood still provides the crux behind Dead Space’s satisfying gameplay. Its refreshing dismemberment-focused survival-horror action is one of the main reasons why I loved Dead Space and why I so hotly anticipate the sequel now. With such sadistic limb-severing love in mind, I jumped at the chance to try out the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta. Think about it. An entire multiplayer mode built around shooting off limbs? Now that just sounds oh so gruesome and gratifying.

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RyanTaillon2587d ago

Has anyone else played this?

NecrumSlavery2587d ago

I played it. It sucks so much ass. The creatures are under powered and the soldiers move so slow. Nothing is balanced or fun to me. But I do admit a 4 player HORDE/Survival mode would be sweet. Competatively speaking though?...........HELL NO!!!

ExPresident2587d ago

Couldn't agree more. The multiplayer was just terrible.

SuperStrokey11232587d ago

its grea that they are doing a beta then and will address these issues. DS 2 is my most looked foward to game of Q1

xAlmostPro2587d ago

you do know theres a sprint button? :P i personally found it fun, but i agree the mosnters are insanely under-powered at first, when you get used to them you get more kills xD

Beast_Master2587d ago

I pray they scrap the competitive MP all together and have just have a 4/8 player horde mode. Has there been a better game developed that is better made co_op? Huge mistake to not have this in the game.

Matthew942587d ago

looks awesome but i hope it doesnt detract from SP.

at times i forget how good DS was altough it had weapon balance problems

Greek God2587d ago

no wonder there was a trophy for only to use the plasmacutter
got that first time lol

AKissFromDaddy2587d ago

If anyone has played Singularity's multiplayer, I'd appreciate DS2 if it played similarly to that.

Rhezin2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

multiplayer for a first and foremost SINGLE PLAYER GAME is a HUGE mistake. And it's dumba$$ people who PLEAD for multiplayer in EVERYTHING that are responsible for this BS. The single player mode should be great though like the first one...hopefully. :/

Vegeta90002587d ago

Though the beta only had one map and they locked out one (or more) of the necromorphs. It reminded me a bit of L4D but with mission objectives instead of running from checkpoint to checkpoint.