GameInformer: Costume Quest Review

GI: Costume Quest is cute and funny, so it may look like a good game for kids. Let me assure you: After completing the adventure (which took me about five hours), I can’t recommend Costume Quest to gamers of any age.

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StanLee2704d ago

Should have guessed it would get a low score. They released it quietly. Went onto games marketplace and was surprise to see it there.

lucifon2704d ago

Didn't make a fanfare but most downloadable titles don't. The date was announced weeks back.

Active Reload2704d ago

I only enjoy the games that have mediocre scores *runs off into the sunset laughing*

Keith Olbermann2704d ago

I'm about three hours into it and its been fun. A nice little tid bit to hold me over until New Vegas arrives in the mail.

Daver2704d ago

I bought it and its a fun little game. If you like halloween go get it

BannedForNineYears2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

......Nice review. :|

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KidMakeshift2704d ago

Tim Schafer never gets a break

I'm getting it regardless. There's not enough Halloween games out there (Nightmare Before X-mas, Halloween night in Bully)

SexyPrawns2704d ago


Halloween night on Bully is one of the most memorable chapters in my 21 years of gaming! I'm glad someone else loved it!

visualb2704d ago

I loved that game. Had such a "vibe" to it, probably my fav R* franchise (yes like it better than GTA)

n to the b2704d ago

never got tired of the music in that one either. loved how it transitioned to a double-time feel while on the bike.

KidMakeshift2704d ago

I think the seasonal aspect of Bully was a fantastic idea.

I love to see it utilized again.

And yes, Bully has one of the best soundtracks for a video game. It makes me think of old Scooby-doo episodes though lol

Vegeta90002704d ago

But I will wait for it to drop to $5 first.

lucifon2704d ago

So far i'm enjoying it. Sure it's simple but it has alot of charm and is just straight up good fun. Save system is the main bummer, can be a tad irritating, but so far no other issues.

zatrox2704d ago

The saves are the only thing that somewhat get me (I mean, why not add a Save option on the menu?!)

Everything else is pretty charming and fun.

zatrox2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I can agree with the save annoyance, but I found the combat to me somewhat fun (Although regenerating your health after every battle like in FFXIII is something I can't really get used to...) and the exploration to be pretty great, too.

I can say I'm having fun with the game, and if anything, it's like playing an RPG similar to Earthbound (Set in Halloween, of course) with some new stuff in here and there, with cute art and visuals.

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The story is too old to be commented.