Gran Turismo 5 - 3 Minutes of Nürburgring Gameplay

Here's another new gameplay video of the Nürburgring track on Gran Turismo 5! .. In better quality than the last one too.

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tacosRcool2831d ago

You picked up a non realistic driving game called Forza 3 in which you basically slide around on the tracks since there is no sense of realism for the road. And by the way, ALL GAMES drop in framerates at certain times depending on the moment. Go troll somewhere else

hennessey862830d ago

you reacting to a fangirl but to say forza is unrealistic come on dude its a great game and i think the reason were going to get such an amzing gt5 the competition is good for gamers we will reap the rewards of the two companys trying to outdo each other

ct032830d ago

Awesome how you can just hit the grass (1:15) at those speeds and make it back onto the asphalt without any issue whatsover.

Typical arcadey console stuff. A simulation this ain't.

itchy182830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

maybe the guy who's driving just know how to handle the car even on the grass. didn't you see the whole vid? he's freaking good man.

like GamerSciz said vvvvv

Dee_912830d ago

just let him experience it for his self if get the game and see if he could handle it
dude is a good driver
i wouldve been either in the guard rail or spinning out

Odin7772830d ago

Yeah, just play the game and you'll find how difficult it is to keep the car stable off road.

ct032830d ago

Let's take a look at some live action footage to see what happens when you hit grass at high speeds, shall we? (3 minutes in)

ShinMaster2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

In the MR2 video, the guy was already starting to oversteer right before hitting the grass.

And I've seen plenty of footage of people spinning out when getting on the grass in GT5.
We've seen what happens in those 2 vids you showed on GT5 as well.

Also, it depends on what settings the guy was playing. If it was the merciful "Standard" instead of the "Professional or Simulation" setting, then it'll be a lot easier to control.
And tire grip in GT5 is reduced when you go off the track onto grass or gravel and back on the road.

P.S. Here's a tip. Just stick to PC sims if you find console racers inferior.
You wanna see arcadey? Try Forza 3. It has an unrealistic level of grip, handling and permanent active-steering all times.

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Narutone662831d ago

the person in the video knows how to drive. It makes watching the video much more enjoyable.

GamerSciz2830d ago

Not to mention the nice save @1:15...looks like he was gonna lose it.

lordkemp0072830d ago


I agree my friend the person playing this has great skills.

Its nice to see a video for once, where they haven't got George Michael in the driving seat.
This game looks mindblowing.

Call_me_Ishmael2830d ago

GT 5 is gonna rule them all

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