Media Create software sales (10/11 - 10/17)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales for Square Enix's Lord of Arcana and Kirby's Epic Yarn have been revealed.

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eagle212708d ago

Hopefully it can get to 500K in japan alone. :)

sinncross2708d ago

92K start seems a little weak if you ask me, but I think its tracking better then the older ones so well done.

Looks like SE;s Lord of Arcana is not tracking as high as they would want considering its meant to be like MH. God Eater by Namco even did better with a 280k opening.

CountDracula2708d ago

Japan doesn't like Madden I guess.

nefertis2708d ago

RDR is making a killing over there, it's even pass gundam on the ps3.

Jhonnsinnyon2708d ago

Oh!! nice technology so good to us....