Silent Hill V EGM Article

Thanks to Silent Hill Lover and Neogaff, have the Silent Hill V article from this months EGM. Its yet to be scanned, but they have a transcription. There are new details on the graphics engine, storyline and game play. Read on.

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Coffin873977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

the first details are amazing!!

realtime world changing.. OMG!!!! this game will be sooo awesome..

Lightning Mr Bubbles3977d ago

Collective is making it? Just look at those crappy screen shots. That's when you know a franchise is junk now when the original developer no longer has anything to do with it.

Prismo_Fillusion3977d ago

little tiny pictures at the top of the story? you can't tell sh*t from those!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3977d ago

Real popular! Just look at all the comments this game is getting. It's super hot.

Pile of crap...

MACHone3977d ago

I've been a fan of Silent Hill ever since I first played Silent Hill 2 back in the early days of the PS2. After playing number three and four, I'd definitely say the games are becoming scarier, but none so far have ever stacked up to the incredibly human and emotional story that Silent Hill 2 delivered. It's because of this that I haven't really been excited that much about Silent Hill V. But the more I think of a next-gen Silent Hill -- the graphics, the audio, the gameplay -- the more excited I get. I'm definitely gonna play this one, and I'll probably enjoy it just like I enjoyed the rest, but will it be a new favorite? I'm looking forward to finding out.

beavis4play3977d ago

you are 100% right. number 2 was the best.

beavis4play3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

wrong post,sorry

beavis4play3977d ago

did this article say that the location of the game was shepards glen? and if so, why is it still called silent hill?

MACHone3975d ago

Well, remember that a good part of both Silent Hill 3 and 4 was spent outside of Silent Hill. The article says that Alex returns home to find his mother catatonic and his father and brother missing, so I have a good feeling that he might end up in Silent Hill looking for them.

beavis4play3975d ago

this is true. i just hope he does get to silent hill and we find out some more history on the town.