EA Reports Aren't Too Shabby

We Got This Covered takes a look at the latest EA reports and determines whether EA is still the king of the FPS genre of does Activision's CoD still reign supreme? And what about 2011? With games like Crysis 2 coming from EA should Activision be worried?

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TheHip142827d ago

what do you think? Will Activision still rule the FPS market in 2011?

Doctorofreality2827d ago

I think Activision are drunk on power with all the money they rake in thanks to guitar hero and CoD. But even now we are starting to see popularity and interest in guitar hero games dipping (atleast new ones, they release them FAR too often), but i think Cod has enough life in it still to keep it going for a while. Mainly because people have a whole bunch of respect for Treyarch, and the developers who replace i-ward are going to draw fans in once again out of curiousity.

But in the big picture i think Activision have roughly the same amount to boast about as EA, Sony and Ubisoft do. So the FPS market is very much waiting for the nex big thing to either go alongside military shooters...OR replace the craze altogether...till that get replaced.
It's like fashion in some ways, and literary movements. They all move in bizzare and ginat cycles.

GCO Gamer2827d ago

Until Electronic Arts can realizes that this is a niche market, they can't "dominate" the FPS market -- it's that simple.

INFECTED5032827d ago

FPS is a niche market? Since when? FPSs dominate every platform and everyone has played one. That's not niche!

NYC_Gamer2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

niche market?FPS are the most played games on console/pc....

INFECTED5032827d ago

As for the article... EA and Activision are publishers. Most of the games with their logos are made by other studios under the parent company or seperate altogether. So to say either are the kind of FPSs is misleading..
Do EA published games dominate the market? Play new Medal of Honor (not made by EA mind you) and you'll see they do not! Activision is the dominate FPS publisher and will be for a long time!

TheHip142827d ago

As a publisher I think EA does a pretty crummy job but then again Activision is a bit too power hungry

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