Big Medal of Honor multiplayer patch incoming

TVGB: "EA and DICE are readying a second patch for the PC version of last week's release Medal of Honor. The first was released last Friday, just as the shooter launched in Europe."

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PS3ROCKS2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I return it. Online was lagging to much.

Shackdaddy8362525d ago

Why would you return something for a thing you know is going to be patched?

PS3ROCKS2525d ago

It and got fallout new bugs

MGRogue20172525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

No love for the console versions??

DirtyLary2525d ago

Lets hope they include it with the Nov 2 dlc patch.

IMChampion2525d ago

thats what i was thinking. still waiting dice, still waiting.

Nihilism2525d ago

Yay a brand new game requires a big patch...wait a minute, why are you celebrating, shouldn't you people be pissed you were sold an unfinished game?

WTF is wrong with people. FO NV is riddled with insane bugs on day 1:

customers just smile with a docile grin...

Imagine if you bought a CD and they accidentally has a 4-track demo recording of a song on it instead of the produced final track...I would be pissed, complacent mofos :S

aquamala2525d ago

You rather play bug-free mediocre games?

skip2mylou2525d ago

they actually do that its usually a EP that has 5 songs that are going to be released on the actual album

TriangleOffense2525d ago

agree and not everyone is smiling I returned that POS and wont touch it again until a year from now when and if they do a GOTY edition

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