NBA Jam HD Gets Release Date, Price, and Additional Features

After finding out last week that NBA Jam for the 360/PS3 would be a retail release details on the date it will hit stores, the price of $50, and new features exclusive to the HD systems have arrived.

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NYC_Gamer2898d ago

still way too expensive this game should on xbl/psn for 20 bucks the most

solaris312897d ago

I think I'll end up getting way more value out of NBA Jam than most $60 games.

Mamajuana2897d ago

Yeah, that's definitely way too much for NBA Jam, I agree it should be about 20 bucks.

whitesoxfalife2897d ago

i was excited for the game was gonna get nba elite just b-cuz of this now it went from free to 20 arcade to 50 retail to no one is gonna buy this .....well take that back some will buy it and once they return it back to gamestop mad cuz they paid full price for a half ass game i will come in and save the day and pay 9.99 for it on gamefly!!!!

solaris312897d ago

$50 is a fair price IMO. Same as the Wii but has the HD graphics and online play. Plus theyre giving a free patch that will add even more modes in December. I dont get why people think this should be less.