Kotaku Preview: Gran Turismo 5: 24 Hour Race At The Motor Show

Kotkau writes: "We’ve had some high-pressure hands on in our time, but this was as intense as it gets. We had a 60-minute slot in the 24 hour long Gran Turismo 5 race at the Australian International Motor Show, and we were sitting on the sidelines itching to grab the baton."

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SuperStrokey11232803d ago

Quick kotaku, find something bad to say about the game.

Cyrus3652802d ago

That'll be in their review! You can bank on that! ;)

FlatulentGhost2802d ago

I don't know why the Xbox fans at Kotaku are even bothering. They could say Gran Turismo rapes kittens and no one is going to care what they have to say.

Once you lose your credibility you can't ever get it back. They chose to play fanboy games this gen. Now they are a joke to gamers.

Sucks to be them.

Cyrus3652802d ago

To the hardcore, but alot of not as hardcore followers, still like Kotaku...