Evil Avatar: Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

Evil Avatar: "The largest draw of Kirby's Epic Yarn is its adorable presentation and feel-good nature. There's nearly no challenge and a fairly non-nonsensical story, but those concerns melt away after Kirby transforms into a dolphin and plays basketball with his bottlenose. While not the biggest game around, it's a lovely, endearing game that's worth the trip to save Dream Land from Yin-Yarn's terrible pseudo-evil plans. Also, the ground feels like pants."

The Good

* Has more charm than hours in the day.
* Completionists have a bunch of fun collecting ahead of them.
* Tight platforming and the light touch motion controls are implemented very well.

The Bad

* There's really very little challenge here.
* Some of the mid-late game levels are less inspired than the initial onslaught.

The Ugly

* Comparatively? Puppies.

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