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PlayStation LifeStyle writes: After almost a year, Netflix goes discless on the PS3. How does it perform? Is it any better than the BD-Live enabled version we’ve had for so long? Is the User Interface (UI) an improvement? After watching a few TV shows and movies we wanted to share our first thoughts on what we think is a tremendous improvement.

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Lifendz2826d ago

I think the new UI is excellent. And its amazing how much more robust the service is now compared to when I first got it only a few months ago.

I still think there should be some sort of most watched or popular category broken down by genre, but I'm sure they'll improve the service over time.

darthv722826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I found it very impressive. I see many improvement over the regular interface the disc had. I like the way the screen is laid out with easy access to the different features. is the surprising part.

Apparently the wii also got their netflix channel and I was completely floored at what I saw. I was not expecting much, in fact I was just simply expecting the same disc based interface only now as a channel.

If anyone has not seen it, it is 98% the same as the PS3's. I was at first looking at the PS3 version and thinking that sony did a good job helping out the netflix team with a nice XMB integrated app only to find that the wii version is the same but actually...only slightly better from certain perspectives.

For one, it supports the wiimote for point and click where as the ps3 doesn not support the move. That is a shame but it answers a few questions. I am sure there may be an update from sony to make it work with move but for now, it is straight up ds3.

Not only did this new app for ps3 improve on the speed of loading and clarity, it did the same for the wii (which I didnt think possible). Surprisingly, for SD, the new wii version looks cleaner and smooth. It looks better in SD than the 360 and PS3 do in SD. How or why is ?????

Obviously the real nod is totally in the PS3 favor because of HD and it is very Very nice. Equal to the 360 in most respects. I say that because I still see the 360 version as being the cleanest and smoothest streaming. Most likely because of a newer build of the silverlight engine. Netflix uses that for PC streaming and 360 as well.

I dont know what the streaming engine is for ps3 or wii. Java based, newer flash maybe??? It certainly looks good no matter what.

I was a bit disappointed that sony didnt help them and make their version more tailored to that platform. It is not much of a disappointment really considering the real benefit is no more disc. I used netflix mostly on my 360 and bluray but now that the ps3 is nice and new app, I think I found my new netflix box.

I also have an LG BD570 and looking at the netflix on that now pales in comparison because it was the same interface as the discs. I wont be using that for anything but a bluray player now.

D4RkNIKON2826d ago

PS3 has a remote. check it out. I use it all the time.

darthv722826d ago

I keep forgetting about that. In fact, I love how you dont have to point it at the ps3. bluetooth is great thing. I will get some new batteries in mine and use it instead of the ds3.

tinybigman2826d ago

to get the app on the wii do you need to have had the disc first?

darthv722826d ago

i would not think so. It is available as a channel in the wii shop. I did have to reactivate the wii however. Strange that i didnt for my ps3.

Here is a question back at anyone...if you never had the netflix on the ps3, did it have the netflix ad on the xmb in the video section?

My friend said he saw an ad for it on the xmb and to get rid of it he had to download the app.

tinybigman2826d ago

thx bro for the info, and as for your question yea it was in the video section on the XMB that's where i downloaded it from.

uxo222826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

They are right the PS3 does have a remote, the only problem is it's not free. You have to buy it for 20 bucks. Going down to my PS3 and Wii right now to see them for myself.

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Dr Face Doctor2826d ago

I think one of the little appeals of Netflix is that it's a very personalized service. It will show genres and related movies based on what you liked and watched. Even the ratings on movies are influenced by the types of movies you watched. A "most popular" category would be counter-intuitive.

SpinalRemains1382826d ago

yeah it is excellent indeed.

The only other thing or feature i would implement is, a category within each genre, for 4 stars or more. Although browsing a vast library is nice, I found myself weeding through crap a lot. Would be great to have a feature to simply list the highest rated flicks only. Then you can go back and look through them all if you wish.
-Great job overall though!

Lifendz2826d ago

That too. I hear people mention shows that are on there that I didn't even know were there just because there's so much crap on there.

ceedubya92826d ago

It seems to download a lot faster than before as well, even faster than when I watch on 360. Even though it wasn't a huge inconvenience, I'm happy to have disc-less netflix on both consoles now.

Cherchez La Ghost2826d ago

Watching the Devil May Cry series on it. Interface is simple and very easy to browse movies.

Incipio2826d ago

It's leagues better. The native PS3 code treatment did it well. It's now the best Netflix experience to be had, in most cases.

doctorstrange2826d ago

I really hope Lovefilm is like the new Netflix

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