Resistance 3: The Plot, The Characters, The Weapons, The Missions- Everything You Want To Know

GB writes: "The Resistance series is- to say the least- unremarkable. While it does provide us with games that are always a blast to play through, Resistance games have never been met with universal acclaim or mind-boggling reception. With each next installment, though, the Resistance franchise just seems to get better and better. Resistance 2 improved vastly upon the best-selling Resistance: Fall of Man, while Resistance: Retribution, in spite of being the game that was on the least powerful system, provided everything a PSP shooter needed to have to be respectfully good."

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MrMccormo2858d ago

"The Resistance series is- to say the least- unremarkable."

Stopped right there, Should have stopped once I saw "" to be honest.

frankymv2858d ago

It is unremarkable. R2 was a disaster.

despair2858d ago

it wasn't as good as the first one but it was far from a disaster.

SnuggleBandit2858d ago

dont give these lames hits, all they do it write flaimbait

Shubhankar2858d ago

It wasn't really a disaster. It was great, but just didn't reach the heights it COULD have. I LOVE R2, though.

Panthers2858d ago

All I know is I just replayed R2 yesterday and I LOVE the single player story. Cant wait to see the third game.


"Everything you need to know"? Really? The entire article is some idiot speculating! There was NO news at all! He isn't even up-to-date on his news! He says Malikov is dead, even though Insomniac said Malikov ALIVE and has developed a cure to the virus using Hale's dead body.

Shit article.

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Shubhankar2858d ago

It IS unremarkable, dude. It is great, but it does NOTHING that we haven't seen in other shooters before. It is ordinary, not extraordinary.

thief2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

are you talking about R2 or the other shooter that will sell 10 million this year? MoH, CoD, Halo, all unremarkable.
Why do PS3 exclusives need to cure cancer to be justified while Halo, Gears, Mario and Zelda get away with copy-paste game development

The problem with r2 is not that its "unremarkable" but the fact that it dropped so many good things about R1. The most imaginative set of weapons in a shooter I have seen, great atmosphere and story, excellent gameplay + coop, R1 had it all.

Shubhankar2858d ago

Because initally, Halo, Zelda, Mario, Gears were not copy paste formulas, they incepted the formulas (to some extent), and they established themselves as fresh new franchises. When Resistance was announced, it had a) bad advertising and publicity, b) it was released right alongside Twilight Princess so it was overshadowed and c) it was established as a generic first person shooter.

thief2858d ago

Halo launched in 2001, Zelda and mario 3D in mid90s. Does that mean they can get away with the same, generic gameplay 10-15 years after they were incepted but any other game with similar gameplay gets hammered for being "unremarkable?"

Ju2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You could repeat this a couple of time. Maybe people will start believing that sh!t. (@Shubhankar)

Resistance released with the PS3. Remember what sh!tstorm the press let go down at that time? R1 managed to come out pretty well, though.

It was a very Insomniac style "Ratchet & Clank" for grown ups (Weapon reel and the game play as a whole). Then those "other" fanboys complaint it's not "GeOW" or any other crappy shooter - which I was never interested in; because I would have bought a 360 if I were - and IG saw the need to listen and make R2 generic. That's the only thing to complain about. Fans cried out loud and I hope IG listens again and fixes that in R3, making it the game it should have been after 1.

SoapShoes2858d ago

@Shubhankar - Well maybe Mario and Zelda weren't copy/paste games but Gears and Halo.... Gears was a rip-off of Killswitch. Halo did nothing extraordinary either and didn't live up to PC shooters.

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Christopher2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

***Resistance games have never been met with universal acclaim or mind-boggling reception.***

Oh, like 99.99% of the other games out there?

@below: Where did I say anything that you posted below? My point was that this was just a stupid statement to make considering the very few games that are seen as such.

Shubhankar2858d ago

Dude, when did the article EVER put down Resistance? And where did other franchises come in? Don't be so insecure.
And anyway, the author made it clear all throughout the article that he LOVES the Resistance franchise. Please read the article properly and don't just pick out sentences according to your convenience.


wow... have you ever played any game in the series? clearly you are just pretending to know how the story will go in resistance 3, and have the audacity to call your article "everything you need to know" you dont know shit so stfu you dumbass... all the latest magazines on resistance have info that your article clearly contradicts! Resistance sold more than Killzone 2 and has a larger fanbase... you are out of your league and pretending to be in the know and its should stick to gears of war whicth is better than resistance for its story...(not) and multiplayer (huh, gears is unplayable). son... play a game before you open your mouth and show yourself as the fool you are...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Read the full article before you post.

Ju2858d ago

That whole article is totally made up. More like "what we want to see in R3".

Who did ever say that James Grayson is in R3? Where did that come from? Or that Hale survived and dies in the first level? What? This article is a fanboy dream completely pulled out of thin air.

tacosRcool2858d ago

Its gonna be awesome! People have always dissed the series at it is not Halo or Call of Duty.

These are great games for people who ACTUALLY PLAYED them

Monkey5212858d ago

The title of this article is very misleading. I read the article, and there is almost no factual evidence to support any of their crazy theories about the plot of the game. This isn't news, it should be placed under rumors since it is an opinion piece.

I'm not trying to bash the article, because sometimes they can be entertaining. But clearly, it was labeled and titled in a cheap attempt to get hits.

MidnytRain2858d ago

You must be pretty sensitive then. Another person's opinion in front of information you want to see really shouldn't stop you...

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frankymv2858d ago

I hope Insomniac doesn't screw up with R3.

Just like this article...the Resistance series has been "unremarkable" at best.

Convas2858d ago

I'd take Resistance over Killzone any day. You do realize that without it's graphics ... Killzone would be "unremarkable" too right?

REPLOID242858d ago

I think kz2 is great, but if you take away the polish (amazing polish btw) I wouldn't dig it as much. Because there is no competition between the two story wise...Resistance all the way. Even if R3 looked on par with R2 (which it will surpass knowing Insomniac) the story and gameplay will own kz.

MidnytRain2858d ago

True. As far as the Single-Player and story/universe goes, Resistance is far ahead of Killzone.

frankymv2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Well, you are in the minority. Which game reviewed higher? Check metacritic. KZ2 wins be a longshot.

Insomniac simply isn't as talented a developer as Guerilla, Naughty Dog, Bioware, Valve, Rockstar, Epic, or Kojima.


SyphonFilter2858d ago

Killzone is way better than Resistance in every possible way. killzone has great gameplay no just great graphics.they made the warzone mode with multiple objectives one after another.killzone has a better story and identity.

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gameseveryday2858d ago

You should have read it ahead: "With each next installment, though, the Resistance franchise just seems to get better and better. Resistance 2 improved vastly upon the best-selling Resistance: Fall of Man, while Resistance: Retribution, in spite of being the game that was on the least powerful system, provided everything a PSP shooter needed to have to be respectfully good."

I think so it makes sense. Resistance 1 on the original was great but not a representation of what the ps3 is actually capable of. But Resistance 2 took it a step ahead and Retribution rocked hard.

jack_burt0n2858d ago

retribution is one of the best psp titles out there, like syphon filter what the hell is bend doing!?!?! they need to step up and make a ps3 game!

redDevil872858d ago

Well since PSP dev kits have stopped being given out maybe they'll do something for the PS3. Hopefully they do.

Shubhankar2858d ago

They still have dev kits for the PSP, they haven't been asked to STOP development on the PSP.

mrv3212858d ago

People complained about Fall of man so Insomniac changed all the elements they complained about... for the most part doing THE OPPOSITE.

And yet... people complained.

R:FOM was one of the most original shooters I playing this gen... it's a shame R2 wasn't as original but it is better on paper.

Fall of Man is the PERFECT example of a game with soul.

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