IGN: Fallout: New Vegas Strategy Guide

Fallout: New Vegas has arrived. This strategy guide contains a complete walkthrough, side quest details, Snow Globe locations, and more.

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MrMccormo2859d ago

Ah, I get it. Give the glitch-as-hell game a great review, and then come use our guide!

Oh IGN. Oh gaming journalism...

voodoopickle2859d ago

I havent had any problems with the game yet

Thecraft19892859d ago

Same I really impressed I thought it would be bug filled after hearing the comments. Been playing the pc version most of tonight and Its really good not had any crashes and the only bug I had was enemy floating in the air witch was just funny watching him fall.

I remember when bought fallout 3 I could only use my K/M for like couple minutes and no input would work so buying this was a risk.

Christopher2859d ago

I've had a single freeze up, but so far it's not a glitch-fest.

Also, I'm surprised they don't at least have the first snowglobe location on that walkthrough. It's kind of hard to miss as you're required to go right past it to complete one of the first quests.

mugoldeneagle032859d ago

Got my first freeze last night, oddly enough the second I left Goodsprings, but other than that everything's been running smoothly. Only other thing I've noticed is a slight freeze up every time you enter a new town and the titles come up.

So far smooth sailing

Christopher2858d ago

Yeah, definitely stutter issues every time you enter a new chunk area. Surprisingly the chunks are really small in the game as well. This speaks to really poor memory management, IMHO, and is likely why others may be experiencing corrupt saves since each save contains data on your current chunk as well as data outside of the chunk (items you've moved around in he environment).

IrishYamato2859d ago

The best strategy is to sit close to your PS3 so you dont have to get up to reset every ten minutes.

Panthers2859d ago

Ha these comments are making me weary to go out and buy the original FO3, but since it is only $20 now I just cant pass it up since I havent played it. Still, I am worried and hope it doesnt do any damage to my PS3. I just had my original 20GB PS3 YLOD on me, but oh well, I needed a much bigger HDD anyways.

mugoldeneagle032859d ago

Fallout 3 is well wroth the $20. It's a great game and NOT at all as bad as people make it seem. The DLC is buggy though, that I'll agree with. But the game itslef aside from a few freezes here and there ran fine, and is great.

BLAKHOODe2859d ago

i've played FNV for about 7 or 8 hours and in that time, i've came across 3 glitches on my PS3 version. the first 2 were lock-ups. the 3rd was "deputy beagle" being glued to the ceiling. other than that, the game has played great and considering a game the SIZE of FNV, glitches can be expected. thankfully, we live in a time where developers can continue supporting games even after they enter our homes with a patch.

shammgod2859d ago

havent had any problems...about 5 hours in