Console Witcher 2 May Not Happen

Fans hoping to play the console version of The Witcher 2 - announced alongside the PC game last year - were dealt a blow today after CD Projekt described it as merely a "potential" release.

Even if the console version does come to fruition, it's "not likely" to launch alongside the pillar PC game.

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gillri2685d ago

I was getting it for my PC anyway, games designed for the PC should be played with the PC IMO

although there are some good ports, The Orange Box played well on the 360 and I remember Max Payne being pretty good on the xbox

Tdmd2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

That's a sad day for me... =T

Lucreto2685d ago

Oh well,

It is coming out in a bad time with Portal 2, Kilzone 3,Crysis 2 and others I missed. I will wait for a console release if it happens.

jy_mrnd2685d ago

Getting this on PC day one!