The God Of War Collection Is Coming To PlayStation Store

Via the EU PSB, "I’m pleased to confirm that the God of War Collection (God of War I & 2), previously released on Blu-ray Disc earlier this year, will be available to download from PlayStation Store on 3 November."

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vhero2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

We need more full PS3 games on PSN but this is RRP when released which is madness as the blu-ray version is cheaper! How they expect it to sell? It's like PSP-Go all over again.

-Alpha2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It makes no sense considering they have the HD remastering on disc.

Why not offer PS2 games that aren't released yet? I'd like to see Dragon Quest IX, etc. I haven't played those games yet.

Better yet, give us Backwards compatibility back :P

himdeel2709d ago

...bringing new games not currently on disc to PSN. Even while more options for a particular game is good, more options for more games is even better.

supremacy2709d ago

Business wise you and I both know sony isnt going to bring back bc.

Besides I would like for sony to use this as an incentive to initiate a ps2classic section on the store based on remastered ps2 games with trophies,3D and even move support if possible.

What would be even cooler to me if it were to be more like an app of its own like netflix, where you go in and they have this huge library of remastered ps2 games available. Heck they could even do this with dreamcast and psone classics, but then again thinking about it doing something like this would defeat the purpose of having the playstation store iguess.

darthv722709d ago

I agree on the ps2 games on psn. I originally thought sony would go that direction and throw in remastering and online/trophy support as well.

Games that sony wants to give the hd treatment can be done at their leisure and released on psn for at or below retail due to no packaging to incur costs.

bananlol2709d ago

Backwards compability suck, have you tried playing a xbox or ps2 game on a hd tv? It looks horrendous to say at least. Id rather play them on a fat tv as they were intended to be played. But i threw the fat fucker away so what do i do? Well fo once i could buy excellent remakes of excellent titles i never got around playing last gen, like the gow or sly collection. Or i get to replay my favorite game ever with the ico collection, remastered in hd and 60 hz.

Why do people assume that everyone that ever would want to play got the chance to when the game was avalible? That beeing said bc is still good to have, but for me bc<<remakes even if i have to pay a price to get them.

And besides that i never got the chance to support team icos games by not bying them second hand, which sux.

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deadreckoning6662709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

"Better yet, give us Backwards compatibility back :P"

Unfortunately that'll never happen. Sony isn't gunna miss out on the sales of HD remakes. Heck, for all we know, thats the reason they removed backwards compatibility in the first place. Doesn't affect me 60gb is still going strong :)

bananlol2709d ago

Suppose you got the ntsc 60 gb, cause the emulation in the pal one is quite awful.

King-Leonidas2709d ago

i think it was a good move from Sony.

gillri2709d ago

MGS : PW and GOW PSP games please

Ocelot5252709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

or even better: write a PSP emulator for the PS3 so it supports all the PSP games from the store

can't be that difficult and the return on investment would be great

supremacy2709d ago

Is the beginning of a little thing I would like to call ps2classics.

King-Leonidas2709d ago

hahaha, yeah i was exactly thinking the same thing.

mandf2709d ago

Choices are never a bad thing. Isn't digital download the future?

Stealth20k2709d ago

a future option not the only thing

People like physical

mandf2709d ago

i agree, people flip flop on digital downloads to put down sony or ms.

KillerPwned2709d ago

So we are finally getting some content for GOW3?

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