Media Create hardware sales (10/11 - 10/17)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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NoLongerHere2858d ago

Wii 3rd in the US and now 2nd in Japan, nice.

Godmars2902858d ago

Unless you're Nintendo of course.

Misterhbk2858d ago

outselling the DSi in any region is no small feat. And not only with the PS3 but the PSP as well. Nice job. The Japs like good hardware!

zootang2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

PS3 doing 120k (average) a month in japan, decent. The ability to be successful in multiple markets is a big advantage to have.

rumplstilts2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You do realize that there are 3 types of DS's on the market and that if added together they have like 10000 sales?

eagle212858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


DS is still the top selling with a combined 45K+ for the week while PSP is around 39K. :)

Wii is ahead like 5 million in Japan and 37 million worldwide. I wouldn't celebrate just yet fanboys. GT5 is incoming for Japan, and it always does very well for Sony. lol

I agree with optical matrix below....

Optical_Matrix2858d ago

Why the hell does it bother you. PS3,PSP,DS and Wii are all brilliant systems.

CrazyForGames2858d ago

hes just correcting that guy up there

Misterhbk2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yeah thats combining the all variations of the DS, but solely the Sony hardware outsold them is all im saying. The list didn't combine them so neither did I.

And no it doesn't bother me in the least. I still own a DS Lite (small and has the GBA emulator lol so no upgrade for me and Soul Silver FTW). I'm just pointing out that the DS is a beast and for not one but two pieces of hardware to be above it is an accomplishment.

Not at all shocked at the Wii is in the spot its in. Everyone in Japan already has at least one of those things. They dont need to buy them anymore.

Optical_Matrix2858d ago

Sorry Eage21, the reply was meant to be in response to Kevin Butler, not your statement. But yeah, the 360 is the only system I don't own this gen. Having a PSP,DS, PS3 and Wii is already slightly overwhelming. Luckily the DS's line up is quieting down a bit due to 3DS's impending launch. Golden Sun Dark Dawn will be its swan song I imagine.

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blackmagic2858d ago

I don't know, nintendo was making money on the wii hardware from launch... 70 plus million consoles making a ton of money before a single game is sold is pretty impressive on it's own but when you throw on the fact that nintendo's first party software titles are outselling almost everything, well I'd say they are doing something right. Everybody else lost money at launch and for several years after on the hardware.

jack_burt0n2858d ago

well its good that you aren't a consumer, and are a shareholder of nintendo stock.

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Zeevious2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )


So do over 70 million other people.

morganfell2858d ago

Well blackmagic that's all well and good for Nintendo but look at who really won from the consumer point of view.

I am not Nintendo. I could care less if they made a profit. My concern was the volume of shovelware versus what was found on the PS3 and 360.

Remind which party matters most in "winning", the hardware company or the consumer?

Zeevious2858d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I know it's one console I recommend doing twice the research before buying a game -- Rent it, or try it before buying because there is lots of junk.

The fun stuff however, is what both parties need to look at closely for their own motion experiences, because done's great!

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cliffbo2858d ago

you must have exploded with jollity when you read the 360 numbers

Christopher2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Nah. 360 falters in Japan only. It's not a big deal for Microsoft, IMHO. The mass majority of game sales are out of the U.S. and that's where Microsoft leads.

But, Japan is a country that loves to attach itself to new technology and yet the PSPGo can't even compete with a 10-year old console.

TreMillz2858d ago

Yes JP never matters to MS and its Legion of Bots cuz US = World / sit there and think it doesnt while MS continues to try and break into the JP market

Christopher2858d ago

Love it!

cliffbo paints me as a PS3 fanboy and TreMillz (whomever that is) paints me as a 360 fanboy all in in the same comment area.

God, you gotta love N4G for moments like this.


"The mass majority of game sales are out of the U.S."

Fail, mass majority applies to above 50%. North America (which includes Canada and Mexico) holds less market than Europe (which includes many countries), how can USA alone be mass mojority?

World is bigger than you think kid, no country alone holds such a thing as majority of sales of anything now a days.

This is exactly the kind of mindset that get 360 fanboys around here surprised with sales, most of you guys were just checking NPD and believing you know something, but then some PR step in and say things like PS3 is the platform generating more revenue, PS3 version of a game sold more or that PS3 outsold 360 yearly.

Stop pretending you know game sales when you don't know jack about it.

Boody-Bandit2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Sales article. Nevermind.
*walks away*

Christopher2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

***Fail, mass majority applies to above 50%. North America (which includes Canada and Mexico) holds less market than Europe (which includes many countries), how can USA alone be mass mojority?***

Actually, no, it doesn't. Mass means the body that comprises the group of people being discussed. In this instance it means the group of people who comprise the majority of people who buy video games.

Majority can mean both greater than 50% (or half) as well as the larger portion of a whole. It does not necessitate being greater than 50%, only greater in size than the other group of numbers. An example of this is during elections in which the majority wins, but doesn't necessarily mean that they obtained >50% of the votes.

***This is exactly the kind of mindset that get 360 fanboys around here surprised with sales, most of you guys were just checking NPD and believing you know something, but then some PR step in and say things like PS3 is the platform generating more revenue, PS3 version of a game sold more or that PS3 outsold 360 yearly. ***

LOL. Seriously, gotta love N4G.

First, 360 revenue is higher than that of the PS3 and is reported as such at the end of each fiscal year. Neither are much to get all worked up about, but it still comes out ahead. If a specific game garners developers more revenue on the PS3 side, it's typically due to either lower licensing costs per disc pressed or because it was one of the few games that sold better on the PS3. Rarely is it from total sales.

Second, as far as quantity sold, a relatively smaller percentage of multiplatform titles sell better on the PS3 compared to the 360. That's just a fact that you can verify on practically any site that tracks games sold. There are a few multiplatform titles that sell better on the PS3 (such as FIFA and RE), but they pale in comparison to the 360. I'm fairly certain for every game you can show that sold more on the PS3, I can list at least two games that sold more on the 360.

Third, worldwide attach rate alone is higher on the 360 alongside it having sold more consoles to date worldwide. This alone places software sales above the PS3 considering it has a lower attach rate and total consoles sold worldwide.


year to date approximate software sales totals
360: ~389m
PS3: ~275m

Taking into account the 360's first year ahead of the PS3
360: ~371m
PS3: ~275m

Lastly, the sad thing is I'm a huge supporter of Sony and the PS3. But I'm not just going to walk around here with some blinders on. I love what Sony gives me, which are some great exclusive titles, a solid piece of hardware w/Blu-ray, and quality third-party titles to boot. The fact is that Sony did a great job of gaining ground, but in Microsoft's second generation of gaming consoles they've continued to dominate the sales charts overall. And they've been able to do this by using a lot of their money and somehow keeping people interested a service reliant upon what I consider to be one of the crappiest pieces of gaming hardware ever put out (XBL on the 360).

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Knushwood Butt2858d ago

lolz at Vgchartz and their blind stab in the dark at hardware sales (and their pro-Nintendo bias).

I quote:

'Expect Wii hardware sales to rise into the 18,000 to 30,000 unit range for the week on Kirby's Epic Yarn.'.

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Simco8762858d ago

Wii sales had to decline sometime. I mean when everyone has your system, who is left to buy it?

I don't have a Wii (thank god) I don't want to have something waste my entertainment center space.

Buy a Wii.. play it when people come over or parties... then it sits.

cliffbo2858d ago

i've always found that argument interesting:

Japanese sales:

Wii: 10,726,688
PS2: 23,094,415

now what is that saturation argument again?

postofficebuddy2858d ago

I really can't believe Wii didn't rise at all (well ok it increased by 700 units, but that's just statistical noise) with Kirby releasing. It really is on the downslope there. PSP and DS continuing to own face. I can hardly wait to see what PSP does when MH3P comes out. Good job PS3, I'm surprised it rose with nothing coming out this week.

Trroy2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Good to see that the PSP Go is still moving a few units each week in Japan, even at its launch price. I like the Go a bunch... fits good in pocket, super portability, the fact that it comes with 16GB storage and several games. It was a total deal for me, relative to the 3000, which I would have had to buy a memory stick for anyway (I hate UMDs).

I honestly hope future handhelds are more like the Go than the PSP or DS. Disagree all you want... but its a pretty sweet device, and definitely my favorite handheld ever. Put another analog stick on there, maybe a touchscreen.. heck make it a phone, too. Perfect handheld for me -- maybe not for everyone, but I love it.

rekonizakilla2858d ago

that's how I can see things going. Especially with a potential windows 7 handheld device on the horizon. Just not sure about psp2 being a phone as that market is already taken care of by sony.

Knushwood Butt2858d ago

It will be outselling the 360 in Japan soon at this rate..

Clarence2858d ago

Don't try and knock Japan. Japan matters to M$. The fact M$ has continue to spend lots of money to try and build a following in Japan is the evidence. They not only spent money to secure MGS, but they've made million dollar deals with Square. The 360 has had a smorgasbord of JRPGs that they tried to use entice the Japanese audience. Faulty hardware was their downfall. Even the new 360s aren't selling. M$ is going to have to work much harder next gen to gain the trust back.

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