Atlus reveals new MMORPG

RPG Land: "Atlus Online, in collaboration with RossoIndex, is proud to reveal Pandora Saga, a free-to-play MMORPG set in a fantasy world embroiled in a sweeping, player-driven war, coming to North America in early 2011."

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imoutofthecontest2527d ago

Hm, I haven't notied this one n my casual purusing of the J-MMO scene. I guess I should pay closer attention. Hope this plays well.

Chubear2527d ago

Demon Souls MMO shot through my brain. *gamegasms*

kevco332527d ago

Hey, Atlus, what happened to your UK publishing? Yeah, you heard! Announced a year ago, and... and? Yeah, nothing. I want your games damnit!

knifefight2527d ago

I think the simultaneous worldwide release is the one and only aspect of FF14 that I'd like to see apply to more games.

Redempteur2527d ago

atlus need to step up their game. At least Nis has proper ties to release their games in europe

radphil2527d ago

Atlus is a smaller company than NIS.

sonicsidewinder2527d ago

but i'll have a look when this arrives.

PsERSONA2527d ago

You can already play this MMORPG from another publisher.

http://pandorasaga.myrosso.... if anyone is interested.