360 Magazine: Gamers Can't Finish Games

360 Magazine: Only 40% of players finished Assassin’s Creed II – but why could this be?

Ubisoft has just announced that only 40 per cent of players finished Assassin’s Creed II. We say “only”, but when you consider that the game’s sold well over 6 million copies, that’s still a heck of a lot of people anyway.

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MrMccormo2858d ago

I always try to finish games, but that means I tend to ignore multiplayer.

I imagine "the masses" are the opposite: they play the single-player, they ragequit because of their short attention spans, and then just jump into online multiplayer until the next big online multiplayer game comes out. It also explains why many "gamers" are perfectly fine with a pathetic 4-hour campaign: it's because they actually have a chance of beating it!

darthv722858d ago

games i have not finished.

Reach, ODST, Batman AA, SoTC, MGS4, GoW3, Gears 2, LoZ Windwaker.

There are plenty more but those are the ones that come to mind.

My issue is with time. When I was younger I could buy a game and have it finished by the next day. Now there are so many great games and so much little time that I try out of each with the intent of going back to finish.

I have this giant sampler plate of games all with a bite out of them.

jjank112858d ago

Wow, I can't believe you have not finished those games. Windwaker is the only one on your list I didn't finish but I let my friend play through it and I watched/helped him.

I've been going back and buying alot of PS2 games to play, since there were such an enormous amount of games for that system to keep up with and I was more of a nintendo person growing up.

AKS2858d ago

Shadow of the Colossus has one of the best endings in video game history, especially if you've played through ICO. That's one you should definitely finish.

AAACE52858d ago

I used to intentionally put a game on hold because I don't want to beat it quickly! Then I realized that I get bored with a lot of games.

I played about an hour of Assassin's Creed 2 and quit! It fealt a lot like the old one. I beat the old one, but I basically forced myself to do so because I was bored with it and was about to trade it!

Since then, I have realized that a lot of these games arent worth their price. I try to avoid most Rpg's because I don't have the patience for them. Sports games feel over priced. Single player games feel too short based on price. So I usually get games with a good story mode and good multiplayer and pick the other games at a cheaper price!

I guess i'm not a hardcore gamer anymore. I used to buy a few games at a time, now I barely buy a game a month.

Strange cause I have a Ps3 and a 360, yet I feel like I have nothing to play! I've tried other games, but few feel like they are worth the time.

DaTruth2857d ago

Not finishing games??? The only game I didn't finish was RE:Code Veronica. That damn giant axe dude I couldn't pass cause Steve was a pu$$y!

Aside from that, I will force myself to beat any crap game if I even paid a dollar to rent it! But I don't buy a lot of games, maybe five or six a year!

AngryTypingGuy2857d ago

I know that I'm in the minority. I tend to buy a game and play for the most part that game only until I beat it. I beat almost every game that I start.

40cal2857d ago

From you list that I have finished.

Batman AA, SoTC, MGS4, GoW3, three of them more than once.

One game series that I have never completed everything in the game is the Gran Tursimo series. So much content.

Kurt Russell2857d ago

I am an Achievement whore, I have beat most games in my collection. Only games off the top of my head I failed to finish are Metro 2033 and Overlord.

jeseth2857d ago

The games are so easy its like they walk you by the hand all the way through.

Games have become pathetically easy, and for that reason I could see how some gamers can quickly lose interest in games.

For example, right now I'm playing Enslaved. The game is beautiful, the story is great, but Enslaved is incredibly easy. Platforming is a joke . . . and the enemies (so far, I'm in Chapter8} are very easy/ This is a great game IMO but if you are a gamer that doesn't fall in love with the setting/story then I could see giving up on the game.

Double edged sword I guess.

AntoineDcoolette2857d ago

Only 40% of people finished AC2. what a shame. I've finished the majority of my PS3 games but haven't really put more than a few hours into DA:O and Sacred 2 or a few minutes into Sonic Unleashed >_>

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

"I always try to finish games, but that means I tend to ignore multiplayer"

gamers would rather play with friends/other gamers than play by themselves. we need more co-op modes.

NoBias2858d ago

I wouldn't say it has anything to do with short attention spans. It's just that some gamers are more competitive in the way they like to play games. There's no right or wrong way.

I'm definitely more of a competitive gamer. I like a good SP campaign but I like testing my skills against humans more so than AI. It's that awesome feeling of learning and improving. No different than people who like to play sports. Granted, no you're not running around building up a sweat but there's still the same competitive drive/itch.

zireno2858d ago

well I can as long as the game is good, the only games I don't finish are the ones that just bore me to death like final fantasy XIII.

tplarkin72858d ago

There are those that buy gadgets and games, simply to own them. They don't actually use them for more than 5 minutes.

Graey2857d ago

that would be me with my games. I have Batman, Mgs4, Gow3, Reach, transformers, red dead, call of jaurez, bioshock 2, uncharted 1/2, demon souls, infamous, bbc2, resonance of those are just teh ones i can see while typing.

my problem is i have to many games and less time. or rather I buy the games then play for a bit and my attention span goes to something else. honestly it goes to WOW haha...but i have every intention of going back to finish them all. I have them in the order I want to finish them, so that I can finish the ones I'm more along in than the ones I just started for say 5mins.

Assassins Creed 2 was honestly more of the same from the first game. just was to boring for me. Stopped and sold it or threw it away or gave it away...something.

tacosRcool2858d ago

I always finish the singleplayer if I can. There are few games that I haven't finished the singleplayer and one of them is Silent Hill 4. That game scares the begeezus out of me

Shackdaddy8362858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Only two...

Dead Rising and Dead Space.

I didnt finish DR cus I kept forgettin g to save and it pissed me off.

I didnt finish DS(although I still want to) cus it scared the piss outta me. I would get so paranoid to the point that it would take 10mins to walk to the other side of the room. I also dont play horror games that much so Im really bad at them...

Jaces2858d ago

Most every game I play I beat, except for a few rare occasions where my interest just isn't kept or I don't have time:

FFXIII (Booooring!)
Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2
FarCry 2
Battlefield Bad Company
Legend of Dragoon (Lost the freaking 4th disc!)

Other than that I tend to finish through whatever game I buy. It is a shame that multiplayer is becoming the new thing as where the campaign is completely ignored, shame.

No Way2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I agree with you, I always try to finish single player.
Although, that does get put off if I don't finish and I get a new game.
But, I'll go back and finish at a later time if I liked the game.
But, yeah.. that could be a reason why the likes of CoD have a short campaign.

I love multiplayer games. But, I would prefer a long campaign. Co-op even better!

avengers19782857d ago

I finish games, all the damn time, even bad games.
But then again I'm Hardcore gamer 4 life.

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eggbert2858d ago

the gameplay was repetitive, and the storyline sucked. Fighting in that game is boring. AC2 looks like the same gameplay so I just completely passed on it.

deadreckoning6662858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

AC2 IMO isn't worth full price because it gets boring after you beat the game. The main story is incredible though.

@iHEARTboobs- It was fun for a good while..but when I realized that there wasn't much to do but to collect feathers, I sold it.

iHEARTboobs2858d ago

Never finished AC1 either. Bought the second because it was supposed to be better and so far it is. Some things get repetitive but it's so far a fun game.

Persistantthug2858d ago

AC2 was a lot better than the first...

You should try it eggbert.

Redempteur2858d ago

Agreed AC2 is quite good despite the flaws
i did 94% of the trophies of this game .it was a pleasant expérience

bangoskank2858d ago

AC2 started off great but I lost interest halfway through. Just got a bit boring and some of the bugs made it frustrating.

No Way2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Really? You though AC1 story sucked? I liked it..
Though, I'm not sure which story was actually better.
They are both pretty kickass stories, if you ask me..

@deadreckoning666 -
That is true, although I think it's still fun to run around and kill people.
Did you do all the 'pigeon cage' missions, as well? There seemed to be a lot.

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vhero2858d ago

Most players dont finishing with games these days because devs concentrate too much on multiplayer meaning single player gaming gets the raw deal, and we see shoddy storys and linear gameplay which is too boring to finish.

ape0072857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

well said 1-UP

I still havn't played in new single player this generation that have the same impact as call of duty 4

black ops mp will sure OWN but the player will mostely be good but not mindblowing as part 4

Myst2858d ago

I don't see why those few didn't change their weapons in Fable 2. I'm always curious to see how it's designed and how much damage it would deal, but I'm guessing those few didn't want to/didn't need to for their own fights.

fossilfern2858d ago

Theres a good few games I haven't finished like Darksiders, iv had it since it came out and iv hardly played any of it. but i have a long list of games to finish :D