A Case For Streaming Gaming...

DVD's are dying…Streaming video is now the norm. What will be the catalyst to push video game hardware down into a watery grave?

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liquidxtension2857d ago

I really hope streaming gaming becomes the norm. I like my hard copies thank you very much.

MrMccormo2857d ago

DVDs are dying, yes, but until you can stream the sort of stuff they've been packign on to a Blu Ray (God of War 3, Uncharted 2, inFamous) then I'll take my physical copies, please.

Persistantthug2856d ago

You can't sell video game steaming services to people that don't have video game streaming bandwidth.

Really as simple as that.

ComboBreaker2856d ago

in multi-player online lag me enough already. I can imagine how much more laggy it'll be when it's trying to stream the game too.

King-Leonidas2856d ago

Yep, i mean seriously, my internet connection just couldnt handle Killzone 3 multiplayer on Full HD and maybe 3D.

CombineElite2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

This was a dumb article as Onlive has stop it's monthly subscription fee like a month ago.

Do some research next time editor.

Onlive is failing and investors already know it. Especially since you NEVER own the game. The games don't play in HD, they have 30 games, but the newest ones are the same price as a store hard copy.

The Web Browser game Quake Live has been more successful than Onlive has.

360nPS3rTheSAME2856d ago

when I buy a game I like to physically own it. Streaming gaming is nothing more than gaming with a fee on top of having to have an internet connection. Some gamers are just sheep who actually think digital download only is a step forward. Yea, it is -FOR THE DEVS AND PUBLISHERS CAUSE THEY CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN AND DON't REALLY HAVE TO SELL YOU THE GAME BUT INSTEAD SELL ACCESS TO IT. I honestly think these idiots who want this will ruin gaming

evildeli2856d ago

I won't buy a blu-ray unless it comes with the dvd combo. I only have blu-ray on the ps3, and I'm not about to let a 4 year old child handle an expensive console. He can have the dead format :)

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jaidek2857d ago

The biggest issue with OnLive and services similar is that you have to pay for the game and the service. That's something that I personally will never do.

Now...if they allow me to play $30 a month and I can have access to ALL of their games to essentially rent, then maybe we are onto something.

I just don't like the idea of if I cancel their service I lose the games I so called "purchased".

El_Colombiano2856d ago

Onlive....has no monthly fee.

MicrocutsX22856d ago

Not everyone has a super fast broadband connection right now. I can't see this happening anytime soon.

PattHpapong2856d ago

I think the main difference between movies and video games is the frequency of use. People don't mind streaming movies as much because they're only interested in watching it once or twice, then move on. You might find that some people who love certain movies go out and buy the DVDs.

Video games are meant to be used frequently. So when people buy games, they expect a physical proof of possession. Of course I think this is only a partial factor, if streaming works as a reliable system, it works, and people will jump on board.

redsquad2856d ago

Are they? Is it?
Must be because I'm old fashioned (and old), but physical media, for movies and games, is the ONLY thing I'm interested in. Until I'm forced to do otherwise (by which time I'll probably be too old to care) that'll remain my choice.

evildeli2856d ago

I don't trust connections and connection speeds. I'll take physical media too, as long as I can.

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