Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of this Decade

Ten years have passed since the dawn of this new century. Time passes away so quickly, it only seems yesterday that we were playing the PlayStation one on our old, non HD TV’s. The last ten years have seen two generation of gaming unfold before us. There were thousands of games released that wowed us during the period of ten years. We try our best to pick those games which redefined the standards of gaming and set a benchmark for future games. So here are the top ten games that made us say: WOW!

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gillri2859d ago

wow I pretty much agree with every single yearly winner, apart from no GTA 3, HL2 and SOTC maybe, although its hard to know which one's to pick to be honest

RE4 was an amazing game and certainly in my top 10 of the decade, mine favourite however would be between Okami, Deus Ex, SOTC or Metroid Prime

tacosRcool2859d ago

Half Life 2 is the most anticipated game of the decade not RE4.

TheLastGuardian2859d ago

Title should be: Top 10 Most Anticipated games of last decade.

The list is wrong in so many ways anyway. How are games like Halo: Combat Evolved in the top 10 most anticipated games of the last decade? How is a new IP going to be more anticipated than it's sequels? How did they come up with this bogus list? Did they take a poll of everybody who bought video games the last decade? I didn't get to vote so this list is wrong.

toaster2859d ago

You can tell the writer is a console guy...

elpresador2859d ago

Halo CE was anticipated cause it was originally announced as an RTS for the mac, then TPS, and finally an FPS on the MAC which was thought to be a successor to the Marathon series (though it seems more like a prequel now). WHen MS bought Bungie to have it released on the then unreleased XBOX, it was big news. Also, with the expception of Golden Eye, no FPS game had ever really worked well on a console. Knowing Bungie was at the helm and having made awesome fps games before, it was seriously anticipated cause it was thought to be the best game from the best developer to be able to PERFECT an FPS on a conosole.

ico922859d ago

the anticipation for Halo 2 and 3 was MUCH greater than that of Halo CE

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PS360fanboy2859d ago

I agree with the list. Lacks Wind Waker but the rest were really the most antecipated games to me last decade. I remember I couldn't wait to get my hands on San Andreas or Metroid Prime lol!

awiseman2859d ago

the most anticipated and not to mention Hyped?

MGRogue20172859d ago

Gran Turismo 5 & CoD Black Ops

Pandamobile2859d ago

Higher anticipation for Uncharted 2 and Price of Persia than Half-Life 2?


Nihilism2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Half Life series might have been awarded the all time greatest game hero...but uncharted wins in originality, I mean never before has there been a story about a treasure hunter or a shooter/platformer involving such things


Thank god they had sense to put GTA:SA on that list rather than GTA:IV...finally we are getting the big come down from the hype that game did not deserve.



You're sarcasm metre is broken, that was exactly my point.

user83971442859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Yeah and higher anticipation for gears of war and halo than for Half Life 2

sickbird2859d ago

why does everyone have such a boner over half life? its not THAT good.

Pandamobile2859d ago

Because it had an amazing story, graphics, physics and gameplay? The most lifelike characters we had ever seen in a game?

Not to mention it pretty much started this current generation of gaming.

You know, no big deal or anything.

toaster2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Half Life 2 revolutionized the way we play FPS today. Every first person shooter since has taken a leaf out of HL2's playbook. It is still the pinnacle of FPS storytelling, graphics are still good enough to make most console games weep.

So yeah, not a big deal. Valve hasn't been one of the most influential developers in the history of gaming or anything..

gtamike2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I remember playing lot of GTA:SA, then my friend brang HL2 round.
When I played HL2 it truly wowed me big time in everything but at first the graphics. City 17 looked soo good from coming off my PS2 that day :D

Now I play HL2 online (HL2DM)
What other games let you kill your friends with toilets with gravity gun hehe

iNcRiMiNaTi2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I dont think HL2 came out on the ps2. I know there was an xbox version and heard it was a bad port but I never heard anything about a ps2 version

Lol i got a disagree. Show me a ps2 version then

Pandamobile2859d ago

Half-Life 2 was never on the PS2.

There was a Half-Life 1 spin-off called Half-Life: Decay.

Nothing resembling HL2 was ever on the PS2.

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Pandamobile2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I now realize that this list is on a per-year basis. When the title said Top 10, I assumed it was actually a Top 10 list of the most anticipated games of the decade.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2859d ago

halo 3 i think it was the most anticipated game of the decade im not saying its the better gamer of the decade... i dont even like halo that much anymore :/

lastdual2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

This or Modern Warfare 2.

The article is taking a rather subjective take on "most anticipated". The only truly measurable degree of how anticipated games are is preorders or first week sales.

A lot of people tend to rank anticipation as a personal matter - which game is your favorite, etc. - but it's initial sales, plain and simple, that is the only objective measure. If (a lot of) people are genuinely anticipating a game, they part with their cash. That's reality.

But hey, if someone has a better way to accurately measure anticipation, then by all means speak up.

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