“If It Hadn’t Been For Sony, We Wouldn’t Be Where We Are Now” Says Insomniac

Insomniac Games have been friends with Sony for a long time now, dating back to the days of PSone. But recently, the company broke exclusive ties, and opted to partner with EA instead to release a new IP to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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NYC_Gamer2741d ago

no reason for any 3rd party dev to limit themselves to 1 insomniac will have ownership of their created ips

movements2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

They are among, if not THE best developer to grace Sony's console since PSone days.

darthv722741d ago

that is why i am really anxious to see what their talent can do on another platform. Unless...they hold back on purpose. Nah, I am to optimistic to think they would do anything less to risk their reputation.

NoLongerHere2741d ago

These guys are so humble and nice.

Turn10, watch and learn.

SkyGamer2741d ago

I have always like Insomniac. Even when they were ps exclusive and I loved them on the ps1 and ps2. Being humble is very important in this day of age as you don't see it too much. MS was that way when they first launched. They gave respects and were humble with Sakaguchi and other talented japanese developers. Also when Itigaki left, they thanked him for support of Xbox brand. It is refreshing to see respect and I will be supporting Insomniac in their future endeavors. Kudos!

thief2741d ago

Yes, both ratchet and resistance are among the most underrated series. I hope they get the critical and commercial success they deserve with resistance 3 and the next ratchet game sounds like fun too.

bananlol2741d ago

Still its their new studio in north carolina that will handle the multiplatform games, and they have yet to prove themselves. The old insomniac will continue with the resistance/ratchet series.

LoVeRSaMa2741d ago

I do have a slight qualm though, if they are not motivated by money, why do they need to go multi-platform? :D

Christopher2741d ago

***Turn10, watch and learn.***

Ninja Theory as well, who also are only around because Sony saved their butts from oblivion.

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dangert122741d ago

Are these guys perfect? its hard to fault them really i respect these guys alot as they havr no problem with respecting others and provide quality in exchange for your ££££ there no knock of Nigel

theonlylolking2741d ago

All of there games are good. None of them are bad. If they released girl with a stick then they might have made a bad game. I am glad they were able to do ratchet instead.

Blaze9292741d ago

why did that comment get so many disagrees?'s the truth :-/

NYC_Gamer2741d ago

well...some people wont accept the truth

gtsentry2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

@Nyc_Gamer..bungie thought the same thing,they were tired of being limited with the xbox

NYC_Gamer2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

yes....bungie got tired of making halo games every yr and wanted creative freedom/own their ip

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raztad2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I think it is the same reason why they went multiplat, dont you think?

hoops2741d ago

Exactly. Money talks and i get diaagrees for stating truth LOL

MRMagoo1232741d ago

think about it tho does money really talk ............if so seek a specialist.

Apocalypse Shadow2741d ago

but i only have ONE......**BIG**......QUESTION ......for ted price and gang......

KNOWING that ps3 is more powerful,has more space for content on **ONE DISC** and has free online capable of 256 players or more,now that they are playing third party games and want to expand their WALLETS.....


time and time again we have seen third party publishers dumb down,cut back,rip out,degrade,add DLC later when IT WAS PART OF THE ORIGINAL GAME,to appease microsoft and its fanbase.

because,as we have seen...

ps3 has more horse power
it has more space for content as we have seen with GT5
it has more potential players(256) online for.....wait for it......WAIT FOR IT...


actually,my one question has turned into TWO....


should be and interesting answer soon enough.......

dangert122741d ago

well said mate i never thought that far ahead i hope they don't screw us ps3 owners in the name of money they are one of the best devs to touch the ps3 what would it say about the industry if this game was a lame on ps3 compared to 360 =/

SephireX2741d ago

With their experience with the PS3, I doubt it would play better on 360. They're a company after all and they're constantly trying to increase shareholder returns. Its not like the PS2 days where the PS2 dominated the market and there was no reason to go multiplatform. So from a business point of view, it is the right choice. From a PS3 gamer's point of view, it means a new IP that could be better if PS3 exclusive. Though there are simply not enough PS3 owners unfortunately.

King-Leonidas2741d ago

´not enough PS3 owners´ What the f**k are you smoking?

sarshelyam2741d ago

...I think it would be a fair assumption that the team would work rather closely with Sony for exclusive content, and certainly...they aren't the type of company to scale back a project simply for the sake of. I imagine we'll see the PS3 as a lead SKU...the end result being something like the comparisons for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (comparable on both platforms).

raztad2741d ago

I'm extrmely curious about the engine IG is using for their multiplat game. Just hope it is developed in-house and not the crappy UE3.

If in-house there is a good chance the PS3 version be as good or slightly better than the other. I'm not holding my breath tho.

King-Leonidas2741d ago

hahaha i like what you did there. Bubbles.

TagMeIn2741d ago

However, LBP uses only 7gb worth of space so um. . .yeah. Just my 2 cents worth.

Belasco2741d ago

Wow, you got lots of agrees, will wonders never cease...

MRMagoo1232741d ago

agrees for truth what strange world we live in .

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divideby02741d ago

We all know what they are capable of.. AAA+ games

Now we have to see how working with EA will be..

Optical_Matrix2741d ago

Will EA give them the creative freedom? You know how anal publishers can be about release date

divideby02741d ago

will the DA kindly say why they DA ?....

they are not capable of AAA games ?
we have to wait and see how EA affects them ?

how completely fair and generic of a comment can I make and why a DA ?

just boggles my mind

KiLLUMiNATi_892741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I agree Sony always deliver in every way.

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