IGN: Alan Wake: Stepping Into the Light

As the dust settles on Alan Wake Remedy looks back at the highs and lows of its five years in development.

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Active Reload2832d ago

I'm playing this game right now. I remember the fiasco about this games graphics being a let down to some. I think the frame buffer was set at 540p and not 720p, which was what caught the backlash of this website, along with losing its open world aspect. I can honestly say that, on the screen I'm presently playing on (26 inch), the resolution of the game doesn't stop it from being a very special looking game. Whatever they've added to the character animations and the environment as a whole looks awesome. I mean, Saboteur and...Fallout 3 have a native resolution of 720p, and Alan Wake blows them out of the water as far as graphics are concerned. But people with larger televisions might have a different visual experience. I'll find out sooner or later. Now, as far as open world attributes go, this game is very open. I can only imagine how big the game would have been if they hadn't scrapped that aspect. Its not as opened as Fallout 3 or RDR, but its WAY more open than UC2.

tacosRcool2831d ago

They don't need to make another game.