The Battle for California: Schwarzenegger vs. Video Games

Gamers have short attention spans. There’s no getting around it; it’s how we were brought up. The release schedule for the month of October is a perfect example: Fallout New Vegas, Vanquish, DJ Hero 2, Castlevania, Medal of Honor…the list goes on. You’re so busy blowing things up and thinking about the next game on your list of triple-A titles to play, that it’s easy to let the days just zip right by you.

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Skyliner122890d ago

A good quick reminder of what's going on in CA with all this Leland Yee idiocy. This should be front-page considering this is "News For Gamers".

house2890d ago

but some but love flame articles i on there other hand think this should be on the front page as well

Saryk2890d ago

It will never happen. Too much taxes, under table money and it is unconstitutional.

Dan502890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Games being illegal for people of any age to own and content censored from every one even adults in order to "protect the children."