Linux on Your PS3 Without OtherOS!

PSgroove writes: "marcan has updated his blog with the latest information regarding his AsBestOS project. He’s been attempting to get linux running on the PS3 via the jailbreak exploit. Well it seems he has finally achieved just that. He has now effectively replaced the entire GameOS with a linux kernel. It seems we will no longer need OtherOS to get our linux fix! Video below, complete announcement after the jump."

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farhsa20082862d ago

Nice for people who use it.

2861d ago
kasasensei2861d ago

Nice for the 12 people in the world who use it.

Blackpool2861d ago

they never learn *facepalm*

MNicholas2861d ago

pretty excited. Getting rid of otherOS was a big blow to many projects that had planned on purchasing PS3s to exploit the Cell processor.

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hdx162861d ago

Let's see now if those hypocrites who were complaining about removal of other OS will actually give a damn about this

Baka-akaB2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

of course they do , it will allow them to pretend they dont need the jailbreak for games

mrv3212861d ago

I don't get what the big deal was.

People complained that Linux on PS3 is useless, but when Sony removes it then it's important... despite the fact any PC can pretty much run linux... computer in Minecraft will soon run linux.

Here's a fact.

Only console which had Linux? PS3.
Only console without a web browser ( incuding dreamcast, iphone, dsi etc )? 360

Sony removes feature no other console has... how come that a big deal?

kasasensei2861d ago

Of course there is no web browser for the 360! How can you charge people for stupids facebok/twitr apps if you do so?

mrv3212861d ago

The web browser would be gold only.... of course because of erm the erm server.. JUST PAY!

Alos it'd be depressing to see the amount of people using google over bing on a 360.

2861d ago
Redempteur2861d ago

the thing with linux on PS3 is that you can use the CELL processing power to do lot of calculations.

Baka-akaB2861d ago


Ps2 , dreamcast and even the ps1 had linux ...

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wat6342861d ago


Get your hacking engines ready!

commodore642861d ago

yeah... the jailbreak thing had become very quiet, until now.

I guess the PS3 hacking floodgates REALLY are opened now.

saoco2861d ago

It's because of the fucking hackers that linux got erased in the first place. fuck hackers and their supporters.

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