Diablo III out mid/late 2011, analyst reckons

TVGB: "In a research note sent out today, Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian estimates the release date for the long-awaited action RPG to land in the mid/late 2011 range."

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LumpsRGood2897d ago

I don't believe analysts unless they are named Pachter, and then I still don't believe them until I see the box on the shelf.

Daver2897d ago

If i take in consideration of what blizzard said about releasing 1 big title per year then i could have guess that it is indeed out in 2011 and its very likely to see it toward the end of the year than in the first half... so am i an analyst?

We dont want speculation.. we want the actual release date that only blizzard know well at least have an idea...

Drewminati2896d ago

We all know blizzard... Nothin to see here