Enslaved Exclusive – Game Kudos meets Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antonaides

Game Kudos' Gavin Lowe sits down with Tameem Antonaides, head designer of Ninja Theory's latest title, Enslaved. They discuss several topics, including "buddy cops" in video games, the team's artistic inspirations for Enslaved, and taking on the Devil May Cry series.

"The basis for the story in Enslaved is the ancient Chinese text Journey to the West, but what might have been a fantasy story was translated into science fiction by Ninja Theory. “Games often take obvious roots, like Lord of the Rings for anything that involves dungeons and wizards, Aliens for anything with Space Marines, and Mad Max 2 if it’s post-apocalyptic,” Antonaides said. The ancient Chinese story was “a new source of Fantasy for the west.”"

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fungmi2825d ago

Interesting interview this, I've got enslaved just waiting to put it through it's motions ... anyone know which is better the Xbox or PS3 version. I went for the Xbox version in the end.