Game trading is not coming to Steam

Doug Lombardi, who is the chief of marketing at developer and publisher Valve, has said that there was no truth to the information offered by analysts regarding a new trade and exchange program that his company was set to offer using the digital distribution service Steam.

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mistajeff2826d ago

obviously trading the digital games back into steam for credit could get really complicated, but i don't see why they couldn't allow users to trade with each other. if i were to trade fallout new vegas in exchange for day of defeat with my friend, it doesn't matter if the dollar value of the games are different, it still counts as one copy of new vegas sold and one copy of day of defeat sold. it doesn't affect the developer or publisher at all, only which steam account has the rights to which game. for valve, i don't think it'd be hard to pull off.

Saryk2825d ago

It wouldn’t be hard, quite easy, and Valve and the developer could make some quick cash (say $1.00 for each transaction). If it ever happened you could expect the initial rush to trade in or trade these games, would be massive.