Lair Hands-on: Surprisingly Good SIXAXIS Controls, Impressive Visuals & Steady Frame-rate

Joystiq writes:
"The SixAxis controls felt great -- which surprised us, since the controls had received the most negative press. Flying around as a dragon was incredibly satisfying as we could feel the weight of the creature when swooping down or pulling up further into the sky. It reminded us of the old DOS game Magic Carpet in how you had to compensate for momentum, lest you fly much further than intended. "

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cr33ping_death3739d ago

damn which is it? is it good or is it bad controls? im getting the game regardless, but.....ahhhh f'it ill find out for my self.

ALI-G3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

now they all say B-R-I-B-E controller

edit;@mohib=nasim=larry007: i thought it was ur super hero cusion who is going to GC not u

doshey3739d ago

man u never shut up, everytime it is you coming in here posting bad stuff in a good piece of ps3 news

Mk Red3739d ago

I used to lean a bit when I would play flying or racing games. Finally I broke myself of that habit, and now they are ENCOURAGING extra body movement while using a controller!!! DAMNIT I CAN'T WIN!

tplarkin73739d ago

You can't judge a game based on 20 minutes. Wait for the review.

Dead Rising is a perfect 10 until you get half-way into the game. It then loses 2 points for some strange plot twists.

mohib3739d ago

LAIR's graphics alone makes it a MUST BUY

now the CONTROLLLING is good too.

I know cuz i played it at the GDC yesterday

The GRAPHICS are the best in the world

It makes any game look like a wii game

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TheFatOne3739d ago

Wow you dont like the PS3 we get it just go to the xbox news.

MK_Red3739d ago

Well, this is Joystiq and I trust them more than all other sites combined so in my book: Lair is AWESOME.

EZCheez3739d ago

This is driving me nuts. I really wish they would release a demo for it so that I could judge myself. I don't like renting games.

jtmill073739d ago

I’m all for a demo. I just don’t understand how a game can get so many different reviews. That’s why I really want a DEMO so I can make up my own mind please…….

DarkArcani3739d ago

cause if you like it you have to spend the money, again, to buy it.

tplarkin73739d ago

It's a 20 minute preview. It's not a full review at all.

heroman7113739d ago

at dude above me. y u so against lair being a good game

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Blackmoses3739d ago

This is more a case of people really trying to downplay the game as much as possible in order to shift focus from it towards something else or the game mechanics have undertook a massive overhaul to fix the perceived problem.
Either way I am now more inclined to pick this one up after the last weeks worth of reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.