Halo Wars gameplay video

Surprise, Microsoft just released a video of the Halo Wars E3 closed-doors demo, and here it comes.

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ktchong3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Most contributors are too lazy to embed the video or find out how to do it when they submit video news. Thanks for taking the time and effort to embed the video here.

I put in a "Good" rating for your submission. (I would have given you a "Not Good" if there's no embedded video.)

TnS3529d ago

It takes nothing to embed. But thanks for the good rating. :)

iceice1233529d ago

Sure did get there fast...

Blackmoses3529d ago

I'm not particularly a Halo fan but....this does look pretty cool. I love Ages of the Empire, so this is a no brainer to me. Looks good.

alexander22rednaxela3529d ago

Gorgeous, the amount of detail in this RTS is beyond anything I expected for Halo Wars.
It feels very ALIVE and vibrant.

rusgreim3529d ago

As someone who originally started gaming playin C&C and its successors, I am totally pumped for this game, and the interface looks SO much more refined than the interface was for tiberium wars. I cannot wait for this title to hit next fall! 2008 for the 360!

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The story is too old to be commented.