Halo 3 'Guardian' multiplayer 2/2

Offscreen of new level from PAX omegathon...

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ktchong3741d ago

We're having a Halo blow-out today.

pshizle3741d ago

these people are bad at playing halo...

toughNAME3741d ago

dark and colourless...kinda disappointed...Lockout was my favourite Halo 2 map

weapons looks good...the sound is awesome

and i wish i had an audience when i played halo :D

dachiefsman3741d ago

It was like trying to watch a video cam rip off a new movie release. I thought the effects looked great especially the cool animation with the sword. The game will deliver! Guaranteed!

I don't claim to be good at halo <23 rank on slayer>, but those guys suck. I would probably suck to if I had an audience watching me.

Gondee3741d ago

That person kinda sucked