Molyneux demos Milo to Epic Games

Videogamer: "Epic Games makes big budget action games - Gears of War, Unreal Tournament - for the core gamer demographic, but could a recent visit by Peter Molyneux indicate a desire to utilise casual-friendly Kinect in future projects?"

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Dylantalon12859d ago

molyneux demos rubbish to epic games.

ps. the talon stands for talented

gamingdroid2859d ago

"Epic Games vice president Mark Rein told that people should not dismiss motion controllers without first seeing what can be achieved with the technology."

Godmars2902859d ago

Except Milo really isn't about motion control, but AI. Can a dev make an AI character that you can interact with as if they were real. That's something Molyneux just hasn't shown.

Convas2859d ago

Dylantalon, I'm really interested in learning about what you get out of trolling. Is it an emotional high that you are deprived of in the real world? Is it that you feel big and man because you're just a name behind a screen? Please, enlighten me.

Oh wait, you only have one bubble.

talltony2859d ago

Shouldnt your name be dylantalen???

dtalon32859d ago

you say the dumbest shit on this site and then people think that my account is somehow just another one of your fakes go elsewhere with your nonsense.

p.s. talon does not stand for talented in any dictionary or universe that we are aware of.

Talen could stand for talented

Dictionary - Talon
1. a sharply hooked claw, esp of a bird of prey
2. anything resembling a bird's claw
3. the part of a lock that the key presses on when it is turned
4. cards the pile of cards left after the deal
5. architect another name for ogee
6. stock exchange a printed slip attached to some bearer bonds to enable the holder to apply for a new sheet of coupons

maybe you can add some tag line that states your uneducated? please and thank you

/end rant

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RetroReborn2859d ago

its already confirmed that milo is dead. they canceled his ass.

Cyrus3652859d ago

Doesn't mean idea and technology isn't shared with others though.

facelike2859d ago

Maybe Molyneux wants to make Milo and Microsoft said no, so he's looking for a new job.

StanLee2859d ago

Yeah, Microsoft has hinted that the technology could appear in future titles. Milo was never really a game; it was a tech demo to demonstrate what Kinect could possibly do.

atlys2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

ssssssshhhhhh, you can't say that kinda stuff here on N4G. Actually reading articles, for shame. you had better straighten up and fly right mister! reverse yourself and make a fanboyish hate comment now! LOL /s

number472859d ago

Yes but it was operated by a guy in a van. Not automated.

zireno2859d ago

Goddamnit I thought skittles ate Milo >:0 guess he didn't show up to E3 because he was recovering in the hospital.

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CandyCaptain2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Have Cliffy port Milo into Gears of War 3 so he can watch Milo get beaten to death with his own arms, after they've been ripped off by a locust ^.^

Obama2859d ago

even the pedobear hates Milo.

KiLLUMiNATi_892859d ago

This Milo crap would be good for them child molesters out there. Real gamers ain't playing that crap.

dtalon32859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

yeah because programmers would allow inappropriate things to happen to milo...
they will program ways to take off his shirt and tou...oh wait its on a tv so they cant touch the little boy they can touch their tv, No way A dev would allow the removal of clothing. your a damn idiot just fueling the dead side of a stupid argument.
/end sarcasm

saying Milo is for pedophiles is like saying the park promotes pedophilia because predators can see the children and interact with them. don't be such a retarded fanboy and realize the tech behind it COULD be groundbreaking. unfortunately your just a bumbling oaf with no intelligence.

ComboBreaker2858d ago

didn't allow the removal of clothes in DOA and yet it still happen.

Devs didn't allow coffee sex in GTA, and yet, it still happen.

Things happen.

dtalon32856d ago

@combosbreaker- yes so that automatically makes everyone who uses that software a molester? no it makes the individuals who go out of their way to do those things the culprits...people are just haters and are immature.

0oAngeluso02859d ago

They clearly have a great relationship. Cliffy B is a huge 360 guy, MS already owns the Gears IP, why not get a few more exclusive games like Bulletstorm sequels and Unreal sequels? Nice read, I heard about it via Cliffy B's twitter though, he's a huge Molyneux fan.

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