Lair: GC07 Gameplay

Here is a new gameplay of Factor 5's upcoming game, Lair.

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HeartlesskizZ3893d ago

I wasnt plannin on trying this game at all but i think I give it a rent now. I like the details on the city.

Mk Red3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Did you see how he was flying... and then he shot fire out of his mouth!
THen he was flying some more, and shot some more fire out of his mouth!!
Then the camera angle got all phuked up and he was flying again.

I think the best part was definitely when he was flying, and then he shot fire out of his mouth IMHO.

power0919993893d ago

Is that sarcasm, or retardation?

If it's an attempt to bad mouth a PS3 game by an XBot, I am curious why you would care so much since it's filed under PS3.

Seems a bit envious on your behalf.

Otherwise yes.. You are completely right. This game does look amazing, and quite honestly I hope it fairs better than most are giving it credit for. (reviews)

HeartlesskizZ3893d ago

Im not even going to tell nothing but U just won the GC Fanboism Trophy

masterg3893d ago

They shouldn't have shown early builds of this game.
If you look at it now and compare with 3 months ago it's worlds apart.
3 Months ago I was not impressed at all. I think it might have scared some away.

Now it looks breathtaking. The fire is so much better and the dragon detail is so much higher.

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lebaneseprince13893d ago

I buying this and warhawk for sure

mohib3893d ago

LAIR makes any x360 game look like a wii game

LAIR has 20x more poly than GEARS

Each model, Worch claimed, contained somewhere between 100,000 and 170,000 triangles. Each had a bunch of other special maps and lighting applied, and the main character was built up with "over ten textures". He compared this to an estimated 10,000 for characters in Gears of War and other recent high-res games. The high-res models, meanwhile, that got dithered down to produce the in-game models, ran up around 5,000,000 triangles.

snoop_dizzle3893d ago

account? This sounds exactly like what he would say.

razer3892d ago

Give the fanboy crap a rest man. You are obviously one of the jackass's here that has lost so many bubbles he had to make another account to spew his completely wrong opinions.

I completely disagree with your comment and if you owned a 360 you would know.

eagle213893d ago

3.1 I agree man..all I need is atmosphere and a good story. Lair reeks with atmosphere! Lair looks like nothing else this generation has out right now!

jtmill073893d ago

I know what the reviews say but the game play looks nice and the storyline looks even better. It’s a must rent with a high possibility to buy..

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The story is too old to be commented.