Industry Backed Study Reveals Gamer Viewpoints on Stereoscopic 3D

A new survey has found that 80 per cent of gamers are willing to wear 3D glasses to play games.

That's according to research from the U-Decide Initiative, which surveyed 735 traditional gamers that don't own 3D equipment as part of "an industry wide effort" backed by groups including EA, Ubisoft and the S-3D Gaming Alliance.

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Peckham-Pouncer2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

So much for 3D being a fad.

I think most of the hate for 3D stems from some of the 360 community as MS have decided to neglect the feature on their platform.

Raikiri2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

MS is not Neglecting 3D they said it themselves,if you read the news lately you would have known this...and if i recall they were developing a 3D technique that doesn't require Glasses.

I'm not in for 3D if i have to buy a $3000 TV and $150 glasses(300$ for people who don't play alone) and i bet most gamers agree with me.
it's not the glasses, I'ts the price that turns most gamers including me off.

I bet 90% of PS3 owners don't even own a 3DTV, so you blaming the 360 community is not fair.

I'm more interested in Trioviz 3D as it works on all TV's (Google it, it's really interesting)

DaTruth2892d ago

The survey is not about owning a 3DTV or pating for it, it is about being open to the idea of wearing glasses.

In most people's experience, it is the previously anti-Bluray crowd that is also against wearing glasses.

The Maxx2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It would appear that 3DTV's are not selling at all.

3D gaming may not be a "fad" but it is a feature that currently in the gaming industry has little to no push. I think it's the PS3 community trying to hype something up that they themselves are not even using since they are not even buying the TV's that would be required to utilize such a feature.

NotSoSilentBob2892d ago

People want it, but the price is to high in this recession for it to hit the main stream.

DaTruth2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Only 20% of gamers are enthusiast members of the 360 community(there is a really butthurt mod that will take your bubbles and ban you for 2 days if you say anything unfavourable about 360 or it's fanboys)

100% of gamers are willing to wear glasses to protect their eyes from the Sun, so why not wear them for gaming?

lordkemp0072892d ago

I was initially pretty sceptical about 3D implementation.

However that all changed 2 days ago when a kind salesperson showed me a demo.
I was absolutely blown away, it was incredible. He showed a demo movie reel and at certain points i was sticking my hand out and felt like i could grab the objects. In this case fish, jet planes, surf boards etc. I also somehow got it in my head that everything would look sort of dark and that the colours would be lost. I must have got this misconception from seeing people on web vids and TV wearing sunglasses and i am happy to report everything looked staggeringly colourful.
He then put on motorstorm. Bloody hell. Its hard to describe just how marvellous this is until you experience it for yourself. I highly recommend popping down to your local store and ask for a demo.

My only drawbacks were he said that to get the best out of it you have to be seated directly in front of the TV.
Prices although they are coming down for this tech. its a bit of a kick in the stones to have to shell out for another TV so early in my case.

Killzone 3 is looking awfully tempting.