‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 20th October 2010 (And A Goodbye)

Mike Kebby writes:

"This week’s update is going to be a bit different to previous weeks; it’ll be a bit more personal than usual…though I’ll go into more detail after discussing this week’s content.

Tim Schafer’s latest creation Costume Quest hits the store this week, and it’s the perfect title for unleashing your inner child and embracing Halloween with pure unadulterated joy (that you would usually get scorned for as an adult). No matter how I try and describe this title I’ll most likely do it a disservice, so just check it out and make up your own mind "

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Quagmire2858d ago

Sad to hear you go, hopefully someone will continue with the updates when you're gone.

Lucreto2858d ago

Ross McGrath seems to be the obvious choice.

2858d ago
Cajun Chicken2858d ago

Bit of a poor update this week. :(

M4I0N32858d ago

Wheres the Medal of Honor Multiplayer demo that EA promised to give us at the start of the month?

smithdown2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

New video of the Last Guardian, hope it's some new footage.
Other than that, and the HD Team Ico videos, .... meh.

hiredhelp2858d ago

sega ? intresting. tel me mike tell us all. if you hear about a new dreamcast please. best luck. and if possible leave a note to sony saying reduce the prices.
best luck mike!