Level Up Times Review: Medal of Honor (PC)

It's Level Up Times' PC editor Scott's first review - and he's tackling on a big title: EA's recently-released Medal of Honor. How does it fare? Read The Level Up Times' review.

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RaNd0m012898d ago

I'm am still very eager to play this game. Love the review Scott, you made me think about buying the game sooner.

CombineElite2897d ago

I don't know I guess some gamers just have low standards as Medal Of Honor is no better than the Web Browser game Quake Live.

Now about this review:Medal OF Honor PC

First off the editor says he never liked the Battlefield Series!!
That's OK but every game since the release of Battlefield 2 has been a clone of Battlefield 2

So since he doesn't like BF i guess the editor prefers arcade type of shooters:

But he goes on to talk about realistic feel of movement, weapons, and sliding (like Americas Army 3) and the lean feature which is a great feature.

but nothing about linear, slow paced, repetitive game play except that the AI is super stupid.
Oh and no mention of bugs either as you can unload two crates worth of ammo at a turret and not hit the gunner.

Sorry but nothing in this review says "NEW" or "Innovative"

Finally as a PC game he says there are no graphic settings to adjust so you are stuck with what they give you.

As a PC gamer I stop reading the article (but came back to it)

No settings adjustment = FAIL.

harrypmgaga2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I don't really understand what you are getting at.

Firstly you state that if you don't like Battlefield then you automatically enjoy arcade-like shooter, which is an outrageous generalisation to make.

Also, just because you found bugs doesn't mean that the reviewer did. If bugs were found, then I'm very sure that the reviewer would've noted them in his review.

Then you go on to note there not being any settings adjustments, which the reviwer did mention and marked the game on as is customary in a review.

Then again, I'm sure people's opinions on a game will differ and at the end of the day that's what a review is all about - to find out whether a review is for you or not. A reviewer doesn't have to have the same tastes as yourself, and that's why he's mention what he enjoyed and didn't enjoy - so that you can find out whether the game will appeal to YOUR tastes.

Anyhow, thanks for reading the review and leaving your feedback, it is much appreciated! :)

Scott_Rogerson2898d ago

Thank you for the kind words RaNd0m01 i hope i cleared any issues in this review and i do hope you enjoyed it

Yours Sincerely


Str8laced2897d ago

So you don't think this is not a arcade type shooter? Hardly no recoil on any of the weapons, there is no bullet spread for sub machine or saw type weapons. The shotgun has kill range of a football field. The game is nothing but for snipers it rewards snipers better than anything else and in combat mission gametype i can snipe from my spawn and snipe the enemies as they spawn.

It is by far the easiest game of any shooter i have played campaign or multi. Played it on hard in campaign and beat in 4 hours, i have like 1,763 kills and a 117 deaths in multiplayer. I will go 4 or 5 games in a row without dieing.

harrypmgaga2898d ago

Indeed! Scott wrote and interesting and wise review. While we may not all agree with his opinion, he's given us various benchmarks to which we may be able to relate to the game, which is something we rarely see in reviews.

wombatman102898d ago

This is a very good review and it has made me reconsider buying the game.

talltony2898d ago

I am telling you its very underrated. It can be very very challenging and you have to be careful every second online or you will die. Very rewarding game.

Sp1deyluvr2898d ago

Wow. The reviews for this review make me want to buy the game! Lol. Well done.

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