Killzone 2 Hands On By Kotaku

After sitting through a short and familiar presentation of Killzone 2 at the Games Convention last week Kotaku was finally given a chance to play the game.

Before handing over the controller, the developers explained that in the game you play as Sef, a legionnaire called in to help quell the resistance on the Helghast home world of Helghan as the regular army fights to topple the Helghast leader.

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ALI-G3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

sony have the best strategy :
"when u sh1t make sure it look good(LAIR/FOLKORE/HS/WH..),the intgradians,taste,... doesnot matter becuse fanboy who pay 600$ for mechaine(with nogames) is dumb enough to be decived by it look"
but in the end of the day it stink even it it look good.KZ2 stink from the ground becuse of KZ1 which look better than HALO2 but failed in the A.I mainly, gameplayb and sold less than [email protected]@-3 in playstation-3

EDIT: i just want to remind u that UBISOFT stated 2 times that THE HOLY PS3 cannot handle A.I as weel as 360 first with Assisian Creed(end 2006) and now with SC:Convection(2 diff teams)

@BLOW:when 360 break(which have 3 year warrenty+free shipping both way) microsoft replace them without the nedd for CCP to get involved in the thired party cable will not avoid the warrinty of my 360-we have games-we donot take ports-our games run smoooooooth....... 5-0

EDIT;@mohib=nasim=larry007 it is nice to c u crying like 6 years old school girl again

doshey3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

every ps3 news i have seen today you have had to say something negative to say about it

how does that give u the right to rip on all of the ps3 pieces of news

DarkArcani3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Have you ever even played any of these games?
Liar, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk all got good and bad scores.
Personally I have played Warhawk for a while and I and every other person on N4G that has played it loves it. Do i think it deserves 10's.....No.
Do I think it is one of the best games I have played... Yes. It reminds me of the times I played Twisted Metal 2.
Also, insulting anyone by there personal choice "fanboy who pay 600$ for mechaine(with nogames) is dumb enough to be decived by it look," makes you look ignorant.
The reason I bought any PlayStation is because of the games they had. The reason I bought a PS3 is the same reason.
I am more of a fanboy of certain developers like, Insomniac, Kojima, NaughtyDog then of the console.
With Insomniac, i have yet to find a game i didn't like.
If the Xbox had any of those games guess which one I would of bought. But it doesn't have any of the games that I liked the most.

Ubisoft, what they say and what they do are two different things. Insomniac said that the xbox can't handle resistance. We all know that is false. Also, if Ubisoft actually tried, i bet you they could make both versions the same.

Edit: How do any cables void warranties?

Holy WOW mohib

mohib3799d ago

all your garbage box and defective x360 games look like wii games

a single character in LAIR and KZ2 has 20x morepoly than any of ur trash box 360 games .

BTW x360 is the least selling console in the world now

ps3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU and runs neck and neck in NA

ps3 on average beats x360 by atleast 100 000 units on a worldwide basis per month

mohib3799d ago

WOWHAWK got the same score as BIOSHOCK on EDGE ---8/10

warhawk has a combined average of 85%

HEAVENLY SWORD has a combined average of 87%
only EDGE and IGN gave it average scores. However a 6 on EDGE is like an 8 on other websites

LAIR has a combined average of 80%
some websites liked it . Some didnt . However all European and Japanese reviwers have given LAIR AAA

However your mass effect is disappointing...liliput enemies in the era of Photorealism

Your halo 3 is just too cartoonistic to be even compared to any ps3 biggies

LAIR has 20x more polygons than any of ur gbox 360 game

***************************** ******************************

even MS biased mag like GAYGM has given WOWHAWK and HS good scores

WOWHAWK --8.5 7 8.5
HS ------8 9 9

***************************** ******************************* ****

HS has got just 2 average reviews 6 and a 7

all other webistes have given it 8.5/8/9/9/9/9/9.5/9.7/10/10

in ur face BOT

DarkArcani3799d ago

How am I a bot? Where did I slander any of those games in any way?

Mk Red3799d ago

The focus of Killzone 2 was NEVER on how amazing it may play. It's always been about how good it looks.
THis is a grave that they dug for themselves a couple E3s ago when they showed their pre-rendered CGI trailer and got the hype machine rolling.
Now, with the inevitable side-by-side screenshot comparisons coming down the pike, they want to look like "Men of their word" and have a game that looks as close to that original trailer, even if it means sacrificing the more important gameplay elements.

Killzone wasn't very exciting, or innovative, or even very good as far as FPS games go, so why should you expect anything more than a prettier Killzone? I don't

Kleptic3799d ago

the games budget is upwards of $30 million you terd...they are not sacrificing haven't played the game and it hasn't been released...don't act like you have any knowledge of what the final game will play like...

JUSTaGAME3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Stories like this really fuel the fires of fanboys everywhere don't they?

Well, I have to agree with some when they say that the original KILLZONE was nothing special. It looked good, and played ok, but it wasn't anything that had me glued to my TV day after day.

I was actually SUPER impressed when the ORIGINAL killzone 2 trailer came out... But it ended up being a "Representation of what we expect to have the final game look like"...

And that was it... A pretty movie to create buzz and hype... and it worked.

All it really did was set them up for failure because:

A.) The game will never look as good as the original CGI trailer
B.) They are so worried about getting close to the look of that trailer that the gameplay has taken a back seat to the visuals
C.) Guerilla didn't make a very good game in KILLZONE so you can't expect them to ALL OF THE SUDDEN know how to make a shooter that is fun to play.

ALl I can hope is that some of that $30M is going toward new writers and industry leading game testers and analysts so this game isn't just one of those games you pop into your PS3 for a few minutes to showcase the graphics of the PS3, then go back to playing a more fun port like Ranbow Six Vegas

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acetw1n3799d ago

kill zone 2 is tight! halo 3 looks like halo 1.2

Blackmoses3799d ago

oh we go!!!!

Why go there? We all know how this story ends don't we?

doshey3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

we dont need a flame war started, edit your comment

radzy3799d ago

and i quote kotaku :
" The controls were very tight. I had no trouble targeting head-shots and popping off rounds at enemy troopers and then ducking back behind columns or walls. The movements in the game also felt fairly solid, I never seemed to get stuck anywhere and was able to dance around in fire fights with no trouble at all. The death animations for the bad guys were a bit over the top, but not so bad as to be distracting.

While the game seems to have enormous potential, mostly because of it's over-the-top look and solid mechanics, I was very disappointed in Killzone 2's artificial intelligence system. The team said they knew that AI was a problem in the original Killzone, so they did a lot of work on it. They said they now operate in groups, can recognize destructible environments and respond to fire, but it didn't seem that way to me.

As I watched someone else play the game, I saw bad guys doing things like standing in the middle of an open door exchanging rapid-fire shots with the player, never bothering to move or get out of the way. Then I gave the game a hand and found enemies standing around, standing with their sides to me as I walked up to them. In one case, there were two bad guys standing next to each other. I walked up to them from the side, shot the first guy several times to kill him and then shot the second guy a single time. He didn't respond. I shot him again, nothing. So I killed him.

I asked the team what the game's difficultly was set on and they said medium to hard."

killzone just killzowned itself.

Lifendz3799d ago

so serious that if they don't fix it, all the graphical achievements will have been for naught. It's not coming out till next year so there's time. Here's hoping they get it right.

doshey3799d ago

i think they said during one of the videos they have to still do work on the AI, i think they said that but from the looks of videos and hands on reports the AI does need work

EZCheez3799d ago

I am glad that someone finally mentioned a negative about the game. If too many people act astonished with this game and don't give honest and unbiased feedback, then the developers might feel satisfied with what they have done.

That and I am just glad to know that there is only one serious negative so far, and it is one that has plenty of time to be fixed.

Alvadr3799d ago

They have months to sort the AI

TheFatOne3799d ago

This game hasn't even come out yet but your judging the AI (i know the demo AI wasn't that impressive). It's probably an entire year before completion or at least 6 months so there will be plenty of time to fix this. I beleive by the time this game is out the AI will be fixed because I dont think GG is dumb enough to make the same mistake twice (and if they are i will be sooooo pissed XD).

WaggleLOL3799d ago

Looks the liddle Halo Xbots are still trying to come up with something, anything to try to keep people from going crazy over Killzone 2.

They initially tried to talk about the graphics, obviously with Killzone looking an entire generation ahead of every other fps out there and virtually identical to the 05 E3 trailer that effort quickly crashed and burned.

They then moved on to trying to say there were enough colors in the game, and gamers said "Uh, ok..." and that effort was dropped.

I guess AI is the new one...

Poor liddle Xbots, you've been Killzowned and you are flailing around crying your eyes out and just don't know what to do...

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