Désilets Gives THQ Move Explanation, Will Reveal 'A Lot More' At E3 2011

Patrice Désilets has revealed his reasons for joining THQ and its upcoming Montreal studio, and confirms that he will be appearing at E3 2011 to reveal "a lot more."

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kevco332891d ago

Looking forward to it...

Quagmire2891d ago

As long as it includes parkour, im keen.

mjolliffe2891d ago

Certainly looks like a positive future for THQ :)

Valay2890d ago

Next E3 is months away. I can't take any teases yet!

kharma452890d ago

I know lol Bit odd though he's waiting that long to say anything.

SpaceSquirrel2890d ago

I've always been a big fan of his.