Critical Gamer: LittleBigInterview: Splapp-me-do (Sackro Machines 2)

Critical Gamer writes: One of the first levels to be leaked onto YouTube (NOT by ChimpanzeePS3!) before the lifting of the LBP 2 beta NDA, Sackro Machines 2 has been a hit with beta testers and jealous outsiders alike. Now that the NDA is just a memory, the level’s creator Splapp-me-do talks to Critical Gamer about LBP creating, making Sackro Machines – and seeing it leaked.

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IDesertFoxI2554d ago

That's awesome. I used to love Micro Machines. This just makes me think we need a current gen version of it, but hell, this'll do just fine and dandy for now!

scruffy_bear2554d ago

Micro Machines kicked ass, looking forward to playing this level next year

Cubes2554d ago

Looks amazing. Got really high hopes for this game, and loved the original.

scruffy_bear2554d ago

Yeah LBP 2 is looking amazing

Pidgeridoo2554d ago

Can't wait to try LBP racing!

scruffy_bear2554d ago

The multi-player will be more awesome