Hookedcast #16 - We break the Black Ops Leak, Review New Vegas and Jeff's back. Epic Show

Our very own Bane broke the story on the Black Ops leak and he is on the show to talk about it. He also gives us an oral review of New Vegas. Plus, Jeff returns in all his stupid glory. Enjoy!

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BaneWilliams2828d ago

Feel free to leave any comments about the show here and I'll answer anything you want :) (within speech bubble restrictions, of course)

xTHRASHx2828d ago

What is your favorite size of breast?

BaneWilliams2827d ago

I'd have to agree with Priest over there, probably a D. How about we say 'nice handfulls' and leave it at that?

xTHRASHx2825d ago

sounds good to me. I prefer a high C, simply because D is almost too much to deal with at times. When I am fucking a girl cowgirl I dont want her tits suffocating me. Some are into that, I am not.