Black Ops Officially Leaked. New Footage Found - Hooked Gamers

Hooked Gamers: "Yesterday we reported about retail copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops being stolen from a printing press in Alabama. The authenticity of the disk was no longer in question when Activision sent Hooked Gamers a copyright infringement notification, demanding the photo's to be removed from the site.

Today we dig deeper into this story, uncovering additional details and video footage. WARNING: If you don't want to see the first few moments of Black Ops, do not view the video!"

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Kiriel2651d ago

from the game being played :)

xTHRASHx2651d ago

Theres a good interview, gives a seriously awesome view point. GREAT READ

BaneWilliams2651d ago

We also talked all about this on the HookedCast this week - you can check that crap out over at

Eamon2650d ago

Exactly. Every game gets leaked. Why are people making news out of it?

vsr2650d ago

can someone tell that is this worth 50 dollars?

Red_Orange_Juice2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

good for gamers, how come?
this is not good for gamers, to play this leaked copy you need a modded Xbox (pirates), which means you can't play on Xbox Live, which means, you probably never pay for games cos what's the point just for single player and you can get it for free, so saying this is good for gamers doesn't make sense, because how something happening everytime can be good, it's more like a standard, those gamers or more like pirates are not like "Yey, we got it, in your face Activision and Microsoft" they;re more like "Finally". You know what I mean? Your comment didn't do much sense to me.

I don't believe there is a gamer who will mod his/her Xbox just to play pirated Black Ops cos 50 bucks is too much, and after being banned will continue buying legit copies. Will you? do you consider it saying it's good?

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farhsa20082651d ago

It couldn't happen to a nicer company...Activision :-)

xTHRASHx2651d ago

Lol Bane I bet the FBI did get involved. Lol

Additionally I feel for JD, its sad that folks in forums as such bash people like that but he did threaten to shut their site down.. he had to expect crap for that

BaneWilliams2651d ago

Yeah I have no doubt the FBI actually got involved, but are Activision/Trey going to actually go out and say that? No. In fact they are staying dead quiet, apart from sending us legal take down notices *rolls eyes*

emeralderin2651d ago

Hooked Gamers is really on top of this story!

ChrisPriestman2651d ago

Either way Jeff, it's too late now, the game is out. The end!
Internal affairs should probably look into this one though...

Fishy Fingers2651d ago

I want Black Ops charged with tracking down the leak. That would be rad, possible story line for Black Ops 2 :)

ChrisPriestman2651d ago

That would be awesome, hilarious and nothing short of epic :)

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