Gran Turismo 5 DLC to offer motorbikes?

Polyphony Digital has created Gran Turismo 5 with motorbikes in mind - and although they won't be playable in the final game, the studio is keen on the idea of introducing a two-wheeled element down the line.

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movements2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I guess the delay wasn't too bad after all.

sinncross2859d ago

The delay has nothing to do with them possibly adding DLC for motorbikes..

though adding bikes could be a very cool addition.

But Omega Boost 2 PD... make it happen!

LoVeRSaMa2859d ago

Considering the time it took to make the game already I don't think its a quick DLC Patch to add motorbikes tbh..

darthawesome902858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I remember when PGR4 came out with bikes and it sort of ruined the game. The bikes were way too fast and could turn corners way better than the cars and made it unbalanced.

Now if it were like the go-karts that GT5 has and it's only go-karts vs. go-karts and bikes vs. bikes then I'm all for it.

bakasora2858d ago

Forget it, GT5 took 5 years to make. The DLC might take 1 year. lol

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EvilBlackCat2859d ago


In the real driving simulator?


Sackdude2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Motorbikes are also driving vehicles.

Cerberus21252859d ago

I'm not saying they will add bikes to GT5 but, Polyphony Digital did make a bikes game for the PS2,it was not a successful game tho.

Shadow Flare2859d ago

I don't know what's more insane, evilblackcats comment or the person who disagreed with samsamurai's comment. Although I can guess who disagreed with him

Contrary to popular belief evilblackcat, motorbikes are indeed vehicles that require a driver

Here's some info on what a motorbike is:

Si-Fly2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

BrutallyUneducated - see below.

dirtydbz2858d ago

while it does say driving simulator it really should say racing ( this is probably one of those things lost in translation) because no one would play a driving simulator !
@si-fly you do relise this game was designed in japan right? where we ride bike's the may use the same term for operation of any motorized veheicle(sp) with wheels.
as I am not sure of this I can not say that this is fact but just because thats how our language is doesn't mean every language is like that.

diego7502858d ago

F***c motorbikes, give us the 800 missing cockpits in those goddamned DLCs!!!

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Si-Fly2859d ago

@shadowflare ... I "ride" a motorbike and "drive" my car, only a non biker would drive a bike.

Shadow Flare2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Who....the hell....cares

It is so anal. Drive, ride, whatever. He didn't say fly a bike. I know the correct term is ride but its so anal to pick someone up on that. Samsamurai only used the expression 'driving' cos he was refering to black cat who quoted GT's tag line. What the main point was is that motorbikes could feature in gran turismo because they are a vehicle that requires a driver and it's a popular form of racing

Boody-Bandit2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Oh okay so the term "ride" is not used for a car?
Want to take the kids for a ride?
Man the trip was great but it was such a long ride.
Hey bro, you like my new ride? <- once again referring to a car.

Wow do people nitpick and argue over the dumbest of things.
GT5 can have paper airplanes as DLC and it will still be an amazing racing game. Hell it has kart racing and most people I know are LOVING that little addition to the game. The more options the merrier and the wider range of appeal it will offer.

Si-Fly2859d ago

@BrutallyUneducated - I can see English language is not a strong point from you and presume it's not your native tongue so forgive you.

Whilst you can offer others a "ride" in your car I'm sure it makes sense that by taking them with you you are not "riding" them to their destination, get it? No, you are driving, they are riding (no sniggers kids!).

For future reference when attempting to converse in English I'd like to point out that Horses are "ridden" not "driven", planes are "piloted" not "driven" and boats are piloted and not "driven or indeed ridden".

Hope this helps buddy :)

Shadow Flare2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )



Grammar police are more annoying then fanboys. Nobody said "drive a horse". Samsamurai simply said a motorbike is a driving vehicle. Everyone knew what he meant. He said it because blackcat questioned whether motorbikes should be in the 'real driving simulator'. That's all. It's so incredibly anal to nit-pick that

I can totally imagine you Riding your bike to a pub, and your mates say, "are you the designated driver?" and then you go "hmph, uh, sorry, I'll stop you there, hmph, that's..designated Rider, actually, hmph". And everyone just stares and thinks 'who the hell cares?'

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MNicholas2859d ago

although GT5, even without bikes, is reason enough.

I am one of those people who loves bikes but am too wild on the road to not get myself killed.

Sim bikes made to PD's standards of perfection would be incredible. Someone needs to start making a USB or wireless handle bar for bike racing.

himdeel2859d ago

...I don't expect a GT6 on the PS3 which is fine by me and I'd gladly support DLC for this game. I'm of the mindset that this is one of the only racing games I'll need besides Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Dee_912859d ago

Kaz said GT6 wont take as long as GT5 because he already know the ins and outs of PS3
unlike GT5
where he had to build an whole new engine

DigitalAnalog2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

The idea of GT5 with it's plethora of content having "DLC" is by far....


Seriously, they OWE US A FULL-GAME DAMN IT!

-End statement

dirtydbz2858d ago

honestly I would love dlc in track packs and the new year model car's ( some times they make some nice upgrades to the same models) as long as the dlc packs are worth it the game can only stay current for so long.
of course certian sports games should be dlc but because people go out and the newest one each year that will never happen
hell black ops could have probably been dlc but activision is gonna make a ton more money using the same game with a new coat of paint ( come on really how hard could it be to make new maps)

Redempteur2858d ago

it would be foolish to think that GT5 will not have dlc ...
GT psp had them and GT is from a TEAM that constantly improve their stuff.

This is probably the only GT game until the next sony console ..

Hanif-8762859d ago

I say delay that baby again and add some bikes ;-) I'm just kidding but motorcycles would be a really good addition to the game. I think that they should have a separate competition all by itself for them.

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Dark-Cloud2859d ago

it would be kool if they put motorbikes but i don't think they will do that in gt5 , maybe in gt6 ....

Dr-Zoidberg2859d ago

Hopefully not but not sure how much programming it would require to get the bikes physics etc to work.

hennessey862859d ago

the physics engine is as good as they say it is then it shouldnt be a problem

Dark-Cloud2859d ago

it need time to make things in this game ... u want them to delay the game ? .. no way , i don't want that , they can put motorbikes in gt6 just like how they put karting in gt5 but they musn't delay it again ... if the delay because of problems in the game then i would say take 1 month to fix them then release it , they must release gt5 this year and befor christmas.....

to everyone who's saying bad things about this game : wait until the game comes out and if u can't wait go and play forza !!
don't judge the game from the video , the video doesn't show u the real graphics , gameplay and feelings , this game is much better then the videos ! i don't like watching someone playing a good game because he's not the one who made this game so he can't play that good and he can't show the real gameplay even if he's good , so u must try it by ur self , if the game is hard then it's very very good game because in real it's hard and it's challenging , it's not easy , u have to get skills to play good , u have to play alot and understand how the gameplay is .... if u want a good game make it hard and give the game alots of things that never end like Course Maker .... do u know why little big planet is good ? .. because it's funny and give u alots of things , it never end because u create and that's how to make a good game ...

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T3MPL3TON 2859d ago

Wait.. We're talking about DLC now for this? I thought everyone wised up and realized this is never coming out. Silly people, you can't have DLC with out the game first.

2859d ago
Terarmzar2859d ago

Cant have DLC before a game comes out?
Im pretty sure every game that has come out has had some sort of DLC worked on before the game even came out.

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